Friday, April 12, 2013

Tony Zarrella Plots Wicked Lester Reunion

 Source: KISSfaq

Wicked Lester drummer Tony Zarrella has checked in with the following message via Facebook:

"Thanks to FB and all the international KISS & Wicked Lester fans I've connected with the original members & organizing a WL reunion. Thank you all for following & will keep you updated!...."


Anonymous said...

What has tony done in the past 40 years or so? I can't find anything about him doing ANYTHING(besides sadly hanging on to the fact he was once in a band with members of KISS)

All I see is someone trying to cash in on the success of kiss.

I don't really see Gene & Paul wanting to play with a bunch of guys they played with before they became famous.

And if this does come together without Gene & Paul(as I'm sure it will)is anyone really going to care about seeing a bunch of guy sadly trying to make a buck off KISS?

Pathetic Lester is more like it!

Adam Hinton said...

The link to the official Facebook page of Wicked Lester that I have created and dedicated to original member William Brooke Ostrander who passed away in 2011.

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