Monday, April 15, 2013

RUSH Recall Humor On Tour With KISS

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Following is an excerpt from "RUSH: An Oral History," which contains interviews with the members of Rush and various individuals associated with the band.

Geddy Lee : "We started touring with KISS. We played with them for months and learned a lot about being on the road. We also learned about each other on that tour. We learned how much fun we could have with the three of us. When we were together, we were very funny. I remember Ace (KISS guitarist Ace Frehley) used to love that. He used to love having us in his hotel room after the gigs because he would just laugh his ass of."

Howard Ungerleider (lighting director): "Alex [Lifeson] would actually dress up as different characters. He had the guys in KISS howling. Sometimes he would draw a face on a bag and put it over his head. Then he’d put on these sweat pants and pull them up way past his waist. He’d come out as this character called The Bag. It was very entertaining."