Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New KISS Stage Set Up For "Monster World Tour 2013"


Looks like KISS will bring a new stage set up on the road with them when they hit Europe, Canada, and America this year on the "Monster World Tour 2013".

Eric Singer's drum tech Paul Bassett has mentioned on his Facebook page that KISS has a new KISS stage set up for the upcoming legs of their 'Monster' tour.

Paul Bassett: "New KISS stage set is over-the-top...definitely gonna be a "Monster" tour!!!"

Photos to come. Story developing...

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Anonymous said...

With Aucoin in control, Kiss always put on a cohesive stage presentation, but has not been able post Creatures of The Night.

Are we in for a real treat, or is it really just a re-arrangement of the various props already used throughout the Monster tour?

From what is reported here, we could be in for a surprise...

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