Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gene Simmons On KISS Retiring: "You Can't Be KISS At 70"

 Source: MIPTV | Photo:

In a recent interview with MIPTV, Gene Simmons touched on the subject of retirement. Gene stated: 
"Because of the physicality of what we do - it's not going to be many more years. When KISS gets up on stage, I'm wearing about 45 pounds of armor, 8 inch platforms heels, and I wear more make-up then your Mommy does. So, I still have all my hair (yes that's all me). No, its not a wig, bitch!
But it also means you can't do the physical stuff. So, you can't be KISS at 70. But, I'm gonna be 64 and boy do I look good. So you can't do it forever and we will probably stop before, certainly, The Stones will. But we've been around a long time and built an empire, babe."