Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comic Craig Gass On Gene Simmons, Howard Stern + The Night Zakk Wylde Kept Punching Him

"I once heard a KISS interview where they were in Japan and the interviewer asked them a stupid question. He asked, 'What makes KISS so amazing?' Paul Stanley actually answered, 'You know, a lot of bands are envious of KISS. Actually, I'm envious of KISS.' He seriously said that," laughs comedian and heavy metal fanatic Craig Gass.

Noisecreep is chatting with Gass outside of a coffee shop in Sherman Oaks, Calif. discussing The Worst Comedy Show Ever, his just-released live comedy CD and DVD.

Gass is beloved by Howard Stern fans everywhere from his countless appearances on the hit morning radio show. "I bought Howard's Private Parts book when it came out. I was such a huge fan of his show. Even though I was a nobody then, I somehow still knew that I would one day be part of his show," says Gass. He not only did he become a regular guest on the Stern Show, Gass also wrote comedy material for the King of All Media's smash program.

Besides his stand up comedy and acting on shows like Sex and the City, Gass is also known for his many spot-on celebrity impressions, but it's his take on the God of Thunder that has brought him lots of love in the metal community. "Yeah, Gene Simmons has taken shit too far with a lot of the KISS merchandise stuff like the KISS Koffin and all that, but you got to give him credit for at least having a good sense of humor about everything. I think being able to laugh at yourself gives you staying power.

"I would do my Gene impression not only on the Stern Show, but also other radio stations across the country when I was on tour. So one day I'm on some station and the host says, 'Man, KISS is really responsible for inspiring so many people out there.' So then I say in my Gene Simmons impression, 'That's true. You know, KISS invented pop culture and the all of the music you hear today. But here's an exclusive for you. Did you know that KISS invented cancer? Yes, it's true. But we have a cure and it's available for sale on KISS online...' [Laughs] That was a fun one, because Gene even sent out a press release afterwards saying how it wasn't him. Amazing!"

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