Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bruce Kulick: I Do Want To Do A Book

Bruce Howard Kulick (born December 12, 1953 in New York) is an American guitarist, musician and a member of the band Grand Funk Railroad. Previously, Kulick had been a longtime member of the band Kiss.

I caught up to Bruce on-line for my 10 question interview:

At what age did you discover that playing the guitar was for you?
When I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964, I was amazed at what they did. From that moment on, my life has been filled with Guitars and all things Music!

How did you land the gig with Blackjack?
From my being around the NYC area, Michael Bolton was from Connecticut . Easy for us to hook up and then he got a record contract, but needed a band. He asked me to be the guitarist. I really learned a lot about what it was to tour and record on a higher level than before.

Most people know your KISS story, so I won’t go down that road again, though I have a few KISS related questions: If you were asked back in the band now, would you wear Ace’s makeup and portray the Spaceman if you were asked to do so?
I was relieved that Tommy took that job. I miss being in KISS, but it would have been kind of pooping on my era. So I was never asked, and I know the fans appreciate the BK era of KISS and it is not tainted at all.

There seems to be anger in the KISS Army that it is wrong to have others wear Ace and Peter’s makeup. Most fans seem to agree that if there was not makeup involved in the first place, it would not be an issue who was in the band. Do you agree?
They are all entitled to their opinions, and its funny, they complain, but they still go see the band and support them. I know the original makeup is iconic in nature and there is value in that!

When you formed UNION, was it hard landing an agent and a record deal. The more you hear and read, the more it looks like the industry is disappearing and now everyone has their own label.
We got a label deal pretty quick, but it was an independent label, affiliated with a major. The decline of the labels is still happening. I recently launched a UNION FB Fan page, http://www.facebook/officialUNION. Check it out!

You played many shows with Grand Funk, do you still play shows with them?
I am in my 13th year performing with them. We are a great band, playing mostly the hits from the group, along with some new tunes. Mel and Don are an amazing rhythm section. Check out

Do you go around putting on Guitar clinics. In the KISS world, “Kulick’s hot licks” is a very sought after VHS tape.
I think it’s out of print! I do some from time to time. I had a really interesting one in Australia last year, where I discussed all things about the Revenge CD, and it was a huge hit.

A lot of rock stars are putting out books, is there a Bruce Kulick bio in the future? and do you read the books by Gene, Ace and Peter?
I do want to do a book, but it will be more along the lines of what I write on my website. When I dig deep into the songs, the videos and explain what it was all about from my eyes. The fans love all that info.

What do you think about a KISS ALL STAR tour. Full concert with everyone who’s been in KISS playing songs from the era they were in? – Would you sign up?
That would be fun!

Any new projects in the works and where can people find and buy your music, merchandise and concert tickets?
My website and FB, is filled with info. There are lots of things in the works, places I will be appearing and other projects that I am involved with, and they all get posted there.