Monday, March 4, 2013

REVIEW: KISS, Motley Crue In Perth, Australia | REVIEW HARVEY RAE

Few bands inspire the sort of cultish devotion Kiss do. With the circus back in town, the faithful were out in force - a 12,000-strong sellout - and the outfits and face make-up made the waiting in queues that much more entertaining.

It was quite the line-up for the first Australian show of the Monster tour alongside Motley Crue, with Irish legends Thin Lizzy and Brisbane riot girls Diva Demolition opening the bill.

Motley Crue could never be accused of skimping on the production. Bells and whistles, whistles and bells. As in, all of them. Constant bursts of smoke and flames left the smell of petrol hanging in the air. Glitter, visuals, a dizzying light show and a combination of red and green lasers all meshed together for an eye-catching spectacular.

Dancing girls-cum-backing- vocalists and four huge industrial fans in a row to the left of stage ensured things looked great even without the pretty lights, and Tommy Lee's rollercoaster-railed drum kit, which saw him perform a drum solo upside down to Skrillex's Bangarang, was undoubtedly a highlight.

They have a few songs too. The big ones, Dr Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart, came at the end, of course, and were reminders that Mick Mars is a ridiculously good guitarist. But the early material was just as good, with original power ballad, Home Sweet Home, winding things down and early single Live Wire winding them back up again.

In a way, it was hard to see Kiss topping it. Credit to them for taking Motley Crue on tour with them, few support acts have a more impressive production than the headliners. But while that might have been the case, it wasn't by much.

And by the time singer/guitarist Paul Stanley got on his flying fox and flew across the crowd to the sound desk to perform Love Gun just a little bit closer to those in the cheap seats, it was clear Kiss had a few tricks of their own.

Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud got things off to a strong start, and Calling Dr Love, sung by bassist Gene Simmons, was another early set highlight.

Things lulled a little in the middle as Kiss motored through plenty of tracks from their latest, 20th studio album Monster - that didn't really stick following Motley's greatest hits assault.

But they came home strong with Love Gun's theatrics and an epic Black Diamond making way for an encore of their two biggest hits, Desmond Child co-write I Was Made For Loving You followed by Rock and Roll All Nite, the latter seeing Simmons and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer hovering over the crowd on mechanical platforms as bulk confetti rained down on the Kiss Army.
Nothing short of dazzling.