Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Own A Stage-Used Piece Of KISStory -- For $8,500


It's not news that Gene Simmons has seemingly endless ideas for how to separate KISS fans from their money. The fire-breathing bassist has marketed KISS condoms, KISS cruises and KISS caskets, among literally hundreds of other items. Now it seems some of his entrepreneurial spirit is rubbing off on one of his bandmates. Paul Stanley , who has ended every KISS show for decades by smashing a guitar, has announced that it is now possible for KISS fans to purchase those guitars directly from him.

At PaulStaneyGuitars.com , deep-pocketed KISS fans can choose from a smashed guitar for $4,300, an intact guitar that Paul holds for $5,000, or a stage-played guitar, which ranges in price from $5,500 to $8,000. Any of these purchases include a meet-and-greet with Paul before a KISS show and a personalized inscription of your choosing, plus Paul's signature, on your new heirloom.

Beginning with the band's current tour of Australia, Paul Stanley's stage-used microphones are also available for purchase, for the relatively bargain price of $3,000.

KISS fans looking for a cool signed item without the take-your-breath-away price tag can look to former KISS member Ace Frehley . Licensed replica pairs of the guitarist's trademark silver space boots, signed in bright blue script, can be found on longtime KISS merchandise site KISSMuseum.com for only $350 per pair -- a steal in the KISS merch world.