Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lighting Hits Two At KISS Concert

Fans were lucky to escape injury when glam rockers KISS literally brought down the house during their Brisbane show last night.

Two people were struck when part of the lighting rig fell from the ceiling after fireworks were set off during the performance, Nine News reported.

One fan managed to film the moment the equipment came crashing down, smashing into a security guard.

"I saw the lighting tower come down off the roof and hit a cameraman on the head and then it bounced over onto the security guard," he told Nine News.

"I thought they sort of could have come and checked on him and made sure he was alright."

Brisbane Entertainment Centre said they had received no reports of injuries at last night's KISS and Motley Crue concert

When asked about the falling equipment today, KISS star Gene Simmons said it was all part of the show.