Monday, March 25, 2013

Gene Simmons Update: Australia Speaking Engagement

Gene Simmons has taken to his website to update his speaking engagement in Australia. Gene writes:
"This is "Shandie". Yep. Named after our song, that Paul wrote.

At the end of my speaking gig, she stole the show when I said "You are a very impressive young lady and you will grow up to be a self empowered young woman."

She said "I know."

The end.

Thanks to the Peter Hoffmann family and Magic Brands for promoting my speaking engagement in Sydney. Here is a photo of the whole, delightful family.

Magic Brands hosted an event in Sydney, Australia in early March, 2013. And, they asked me to be the speaker. It was a privilege. Now, it's true I love the sound of my own voice. Guilty as charged. But, after doing more than 50 speaking engagements around the world, what initially started out as a semi autobiographical/entrepreneural trip I have taken in my life, as turned into a very emotional journey for me.

Initially, I started out talking about my self. My business philosophy. And my take-no-prinsoners attitude in life, love and business.

What it quickly became, is a chance for me to get off the stage, walk out into the midst of the audience and engage in one on ones. About business. About life. About self empowerment. I have seen people well up in tears. I have seen them cry. Mostly, I try to hold back my own tears and control my emotions, because the events have taken on a life of their own for me.

Through the lives and stories of people I speak with at these events, I learn something about myself. And that is, one should never take anything for granted. Not our well being (our health). Not where we live (Western Civiliation) and not our lot in life. That last one is the most flexible one of the lot. It means, you can always do better. You can always lead a healthier life. You can always be more giving and loving. You CAN succeed. I did. So, can you.

Thank you to all the inspirational and motivational people I've met.

You make my life richer."