Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clear Punisher Bass By Original Cara Hot-Rod Guitars

  Source: Original Cara Hot-Rod Guitars

Check out this photo of a clear Punisher Bass made for Gene Simmons by Cara Hot-Rod Guitars. The bass is not made of Lexan or Lucite, or Plexiglas, nor Acrylic. Cara Hot-Rod Guitars makes the chemical compound in-house.

Cara Hot-Rod Guitars: "Another revolutionary monster we made for Gene Simmons. It's electric and sounds like a demon beating on a grand piano in hell. I didn't put frets in the bottom of the neck with hopes of a neck pickup, but it failed. Created a proprietary pickup and output. Gene wanted a volume control on the front or else it would be totally clear. And no battery, it connects with a standard guitar cable."