Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bruce Kulick Sits Down With Threes Sides Of The Coin & Takes You Inside KISS

Threes Sides Of The Coin

In episode #14 we sit down with former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick. Bruce discusses so much, including: Would he wear Ace’s makeup? Has he ever worn Ace’s makeup? Would he come back to the band? What it was like working with Bob Ezrin, Ron Nevison, Toby Wright and Paul Stanley as producers. What is his least favorite album that he played on. The Kulick Brothers… playing with his brother Bob. He gives us a teaser listen to a unreleased Revenge track Do You Wanna Touch Me.

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CM said...

Really Cool Episode of the 3 Sides Podcast.Bruce Kulick, a very important member of KISS gives us a look behind the scenes. If you are unfamiliar with Bruce Kulick's lead guitar work,do yourself a favor listen to Asylum-Carnival of Souls.Check it out the Bruce Kulick interview here or the new "3 Sides of a Coin" website.You can view on YouTube,FaceBook,MichaelBrandvold too.

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