Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: KISS, Motley Crue & Thin Lizzy At Perth Arena

Live review: KISS, MOTLEY CRUE at THIN LIZZY at Perth Arena, February 28 2013

SOME of KISS’ staging staff may be lined up outside the unemployment office in Perth this morning – but the first-night gaffes did absolutely nothing to detract from a dazzling performance from the veteran glam rockers.

Bassist Gene Simmons, in full battle regalia and dangling from cables, was forced to crawl onto his platform 15 metres above the Perth Arena stage before performing “God Of Thunder” on the first night of the Monster Tour, which also included a disappointing Motley Crue and feisty Thin Lizzy.

The microphone cut out during Simmons’ 35-year-old pre-amble to the song, forcing him to say “well alright” twice.

When guitarist Tommy Thayer “shot” balls of fire from his instrument during his solo turn, the explosions in the overhead rig were nowhere near where he was aiming. The flashpots during the “clap” breakdown of “I Was Made For Loving You” were so out-of-synch that singer Paul Stanley was left with a bemused expression.

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