Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fans Share Their "TT Guitar" Experiences

Here are a few shared experiences from fans regarding their Tommy Thayer Epiphone Limited Edition Spaceman Les Paul:

Tommy took his time with us, we took some cool pictures with the guitar and he was very nice. I was in seventh heaven when I saw Tommy playing on the guitar he just signed about one hour earlier - that is a feeling I`ll never forget.

Now Tommys guitar - mine :-) is hanging on my wall with the other guitars I have. When I look at the guitar today, I think back at the good experience I had when I bought this guitar from Tommy.

Me and my wife are looking forward to see you in Norway this summer. I`ll bring the guitar so we can take the picture all three.

Best regards,

We wanted to write you and thank you for the experience that came with the the Autographed Tommy Thayer Signature Series Spaceman Les Paul Guitar and The Backstage Meet and Greet on the KKII (KISS Kruise II)!

We truly enjoyed meeting you and talking with your before the show while you signed the guitar! Posing for photos with us and the guitar backstage was awesome! The appreciation you have for your fans is genuine and incredible! Your staff was great and made the experience a memorable event!

During the concert, it was fantastic when you came out on stage with the guitar during the encore and played "Rock & Roll All Nite!!" We took many pictures of you playing the signed guitar up on stage while it was being played! Having the guitar handed to us after the concert was priceless!!

It was an amazing experience we will never forget! It was "Outta This World!" Thank you!

— Jeff and Lauren