Sunday, February 24, 2013

New KISS Album Is Possible, Says Tommy Thayer | Photo:

Tommy Thayer told Anthony Morgan of Metal Forces in a recent interview that KISS may make another new album - possibly in the next year or two. Interviewer Anthony Morgan commented to Tommy "A successor to Monster would be hugely welcomed by KISS fanatics". Tommy states:

“We take one day at a time here,” the axe-slinger cautions. “I could see that happening again possibly in the next year or two, but nothing has definitely been decided on. It’s a lot of fun and a great experience to record with these guys, which is actually unique in a lot of ways because most bands don’t enjoy spending time and working together like we do. I know people say ‘Oh, he’s just saying that,’ but it’s true. We really enjoy working together, and recording and writing. With that in mind I can see it happening more, but again, there’s nothing planned yet. I hope we do some more recording and writing, and put out another record. I think it would be just another step in the Kiss story, and something I’d look forward to.”