Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paul Stanley Reveals Plans For KISS In 2013  | Screen grab:

KISS frontman Paul Stanley was interviewed on Saturday, February 9th at the Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles by reporter John Norris. During the interview, Paul laid out plans for KISS in 2013. When asked "What's up with you and the band this year?", Paul stated:

"We finished a tour of the States, we did a great tour, we had Motley Crue with us, which was a lot of fun. And, we're off to Australia in three weeks, so we got a sold out tour there, then we'll be home for a couple of months, then we're off to Europe, then this summer probably Canada. And then Japan, and then another KISS Kruise, and then another U.S. tour."

Wow! It's looking to be a 'MONSTER' year for us KISS fans!