Sunday, January 6, 2013

Peter Criss' "Let Me Rock You" Makes '10 Worst Solo Albums By Superstar Band Members' List

#4 - Peter Criss - ‘Let Me Rock You’

If you thought Peter Criss’ first, Kiss-sanctioned solo album was the biggest dud of the four (and it was), then you need to get a load of his third concession to being flogged in public: 1982’s ‘Let Me Rock You.’ Filled with tepid pop rock and schmaltzy ballads, this album only narrowly trumped Criss’ second, misleadingly named solo LP, ‘Out of Control,’ for inclusion in our list of Top 10 Worst Solo Albums (by Superstar Band Members). And not for its musical merits, either, but because its awkward cover portrait of a freshly showered Peter (yuck!), made for an even bigger eyesore than its predecessor’s disco dancer-slaughtering jukebox. In any case, both albums effectively buried the Cat’s career in the proverbial sandbox

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Ralf said...

I bought Peter's first solo KISS album,then "Out of Control" At the time I was collecting anything "KISS". I thought Peter's music was very different than song in the KISS catalog.I never even saw "Let Me Rock You" but by this time I had had enough.The price of an album ,then discovering no great material on either left a bitter aftertaste, I tried once more with Criss Cat #1 only because Ace played on one track, I'm not sure about "All For One" but now with the internet I can sample before I buy. His first solo completes my KISS solo albums the others did not impress me.I think his best work was with KISS.

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