Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tommy Thayer Epiphone Les Paul Ad In Guitar Player Magazine

Here's the Tommy Thayer Epiphone Limited Edition Spaceman Les Paul ad that appears in the latest issue of Guitar Player Magazine.Tommy tweets: 

"Cool ad for my new @Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Les Paul in Feb. issue of Guitar Player Magazine @GuitarPlayerNow"

Tommy Thayer appears at NAMM in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, January 26th:

-Gibson Guitar / Epiphone booth #303AB at 11 AM

-Hughes & Kettner booth #6555 at 2 PM


Kale Baldwin said...

Don't get me wrong, I like Tommy a lot, but this has gone WAY too far. I can sorta live with him using the makeup, and I completely understand playing the solos note for note (as that's how we wanna hear em', condsidering Ace's solos were more than solos: they were a part of the song.), except for on the extended parts of songs like "Cold Gin" and "Let Me Go, Rock n' Roll", where he should be allowed to improvise a little. But I don't think he should have to act just like Ace onstage. He should be Space Boy, not Spaceman!

Anonymous said...

Where was this guitar made? And I only hope that outside of all the flashy packaging, this guitar plays great!

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