Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast - Peter Criss' Drum Tech Ed Kanon - Part One

Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #5 we talk with Ed Kanon, Peter Criss' drum tech from 1992 through 2003?

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CM said...

This 3 sides podcast is one of my favorites.It was great to hear inside information from Eddie Cannon.He confirms what Gene ,Paul have said about the attitudes, ego's in place during "The Second Coming". He also had high regards for Eric,Tommy and the way they behaved during and after. I know there are fans that want "original members only" but Eddie gives us insight why things turned out the way they did.As for "the original members only club" a quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke
Some people you just can't reach"
I love the original guys but I understand why this can't be.I think that Eric,Tommy have done a great job with a lot of class, making each position absolutely their own.Would the "original members only club" rather have the band disband and deny others the magic,music that they themselves enjoyed? Kinda selfish ya think?

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