Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three Sides of the Coin Podcast Discuss The KISS Fans 

In episode #7 we talk about The KISS Fans. What makes someone a better KISS fan? Is your opinion of the band more important than other fans?

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CM said...

I'm not quite sure how you can rate a KISS fan. Certainly not by how much merchandise (just cause you can afford stuff or can find rare items doesn't make you better than two brothers sharing a CD). How long? Well some of us older fans would win by default and the hierarchy would be by who "discovered" them first.Someone could have as much passion who just saw them on a recent TV appearance.Fans that saw the original band? Well that's great,saw 'em more than a few times myself but that make you a better fan by age. Knowledge of obscure facts? I know a lot of stuff but my brain has to remember my anniversary & kids birthdays,my brain needs some room for that stuff too. I think the best fans enjoy the band,including the image and music.Recognize the contributions of all members past and present. Follow and share with other fans without diminishing anyone.Everyone has an opinion and your certainly entitled to it.Maybe the best fans are the ones that can share with each other.

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