Saturday, January 19, 2013

The KISS Albums Revisited: "Sonic Boom"

Revisit KISS' 19th studio album with interesting facts, video and photo material.

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CM said...

When I first hear Sonic Boom I was very pleased. New KISS! It was a really long time after Psycho Circus. Cool cover with a lot of extras (DVD, Greatest hits CD) and a reasonable price $12. I was curious how Tommy and Eric would sound though I have KISS Alive 4 Symphony with Tommy and Revenge,Carnival of Souls,Alive 3 and Unplugged with Eric. I was very excited and happy with Sonic Boom.Being a fan from the 70's I was drawn back to the earlier classics. After 6 months I didn't listen to Sonic Boom as much as I should.I think Sonic Boom re-ignited my love for the earlier classics. When I say classics I am including ,Revenge,Hot In the Shade,Alive 1,2,3 as well as Creatures,Love Gun,Rock N Roll Over etc. Now That I have Monster(which is great!) I've been playing it constantly.I think the songs are better on Monster than Sonic Boom.Don't get me wrong after seeing this article I listened To Sonic Boom Today,there are some great tunes, and I'm going to listen to Sonic Boom more.I will include it in my KISS album playlist.Do yourself a favor listen to Sonic Boom again,you'll be glad you did.

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