Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peter Criss Is A Pussycat. Well, Almost | Dale Sherman

A Writer Has a Drink with the Kiss Drummer

In honor of Peter Criss’ [December 20th] birthday, author and Kiss Army member Dale Sherman reminisces about meeting the Catman.

I once had a drink with Peter Criss. Well, that’s better than starting off by saying I once made an idiot of myself in front of Peter Criss. But more of that in a sec.

Back in 1984 I was just getting involved with KISS fandom, working on a little photocopied fanzine and spending time with a couple of friends going to KISS shows, listening to KISS albums and all the usual fanatical stuff you do as a fan of any band. By that time, KISS was on the rebounds, having taken the makeup off and getting some decent radio and music video airplay with their Lick It Up album.

Meanwhile, Peter had finally reappeared in public after vanishing soon upon leaving KISS in 1980. Okay, that wasn’t exactly true – he did his first solo album Out of Control in 1980 and then followed up with a foreign-only released in 1982, Let Me Rock You – but for the most part, us KISS fans never knew much of what happened to him after he left.

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