Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gene Simmons & Family At The CAA Golden Globe Party
Gene Simmons: "Shannon, Nick, Soph, boyfriend Chris And yours truly were at CAA Golden Globe Party. Lots of Friends, agents, actors, and directors.

Jon Bon Jovi and his beautiful wife Althea kidded around with us. Jon has yet to admit what he did when we played a game of touch football many years ago. I caught the ball and was running towards the goal line – when all of a sudden I felt someone jump on my back, wrap their arms and legs around me – and I fell flat on my face, and cracked my index finger. Jon says there's no such thing as touch football.

Nick mentioned he was a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. So I walked up and introduced everyone to her and CAA agent Jeremy Plager.

Jon Favreau, Jason Statham, a favorite of Nick's and mine… Oliver Stone, Producer Todd Garner, Jon Voight (who was very gracious), Nu Image's Avi Lerner, and Brett Ratner... Who made no bones of telling Shannon he was a major fan of Hot Dog. And spent many a night with… Well, anyway – he liked the movie. Ben Silverman, with whom I'm working on TV projects. And Scott Steindorff, with whom I'm developing a film. Lots of fun."