Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gene Simmons' 1979 "View-Master" Axe Bass

My Little Guitar

From "My Little":

"In 1979, Gene Simmons asked to another luthier, a friend of Ace Frehley's, to make another kind of Bass Axe, totally different from the Valdez version. Steve Carr built the Axe during the spring of 1979 and gave it to Gene on July 13th 1979.

The Axe is very well known because of the View-Master reels photo session and used during the Dynasty tour 'til December 1979. Unfortunately, there's no live shoot of him with the Axe. The axe was returned to Steve Carr in the end of 1979, he re-built it in 2000 and is for sale in a guitar shop since 2005. Steve Carr died in June 2006.

The headstock features an amazing Gene's make up in perloïd. The tuners look like a double battle axe."

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