Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Closer Look At Paul Stanley's "Time Traveler" Guitar
Here's a closer look at Paul's new Washburn Starfire Time Traveler guitar, which is featured at NAMM! The display features a great quote from Paul, which reads:

"I had a vision and the challenge was creating it. As someone who has collected some pretty stellar examples of classic vintage guitars I know both their magic and their myths. "New" can be spectacular. "Old" can be subpar and vice versa. The Washburn Starfire Time Traveler series imparts a classic iconic guitar that never was, with a life, soul and mojo that rivals decades of travel on countless musical journeys. This is a guitar that not only screams vintage; it whispers it. From the construction to the colors. From the case to the hangtags it's all there. Pick one up and play it. The next trip starts with you."