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Latest KISS Magazine Cover: "Spark"

KISS is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Czech magazine "Spark".

KISS Concert Poster For Berlin Show

Here's a KISS concert promo poster for their show in Berlin, Germany, on June 12th, 2013 at Waldbühne arena.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Peter Criss – Makeup to Breakup

By Jeb Wright |

Rating: B

Peter Criss, aka the Catman, founding member of Kiss, has told it all in his latest book Makeup to Breakup (Scribner). From revealing Gene Simmons problems with herpes to Paul Stanley’s feminine tendencies to Ace Frehley’s love of masturbation, Criss lays it all on the line.

Criss is not just up front and brutally honest about his band mates though, as he tells how he was a chronic adulterer, a total drug addict and spent most of his fortune on numerous occasions. He also speaks in-depth about a near suicide attempt.

This book is incredibly honest, told from the gruff New York attitude that is engrained into Criss’ psyche. In the book he admits to a game of grabbing Ace’s penis, and visa versa, laying his erect member on Gene Simmons shoulder (no wonder he got kicked out of the band!) and how bitter he felt to be invited back in the band but only as hired gun who was paid less than a replacement player.

The book is far from complaining and bitching, however. Criss gives his life story, from his earliest memories to the current day. He talks about what he has learned along the way and where he is at today, physically, mentally and spiritually.

While the Kisstory is fascinating in its own right, the meat and potatoes of the book come from his life after Kiss where he faces fatherhood, being a husband and living with the train wreck life that being rock star gave him.

This one is must read as it will keep you on edge. And to think, all of this came from that guy in the cat makeup…amazing

Epiphone Announces Tommy Thayer Signature "Spaceman" Les Paul

Epiphone has announced one of its most anticipated new models, the Tommy Thayer "Spaceman" Les Paul.

The new model, which is named after — and designed for — the longtime Kis
s guitarist, will be available in January.

Thayer recently commented on the guitar on his website:

"I'm psyched to be playing my new guitar onstage as we embark on the 2012 Kiss Kruise and South American stadium tour in the weeks ahead," Thayer wrote.

"My signature axe will soon be available in guitar shops everywhere. In the meantime, the first guitars off the line are ready for you through some very special offers on my new site, Keep it rockin' and remember to turn it up loud!"

Audio Clip: Paul Stanley On "Sixx Sense" Radio Show

Sixx Sense

Here's a clip of Paul Stanley on The “Sixx Sense” with Nikki Sixx from this past Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

KISS Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina - Full Concert - Pro Shot

KISS performing at River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 7, 2012.

Set List:

1 - Detroit Rock City - 00:02:17
2 - Shout It Out Loud - 00:07:07
3 - Hell or Hallelujah - 00:12:20
4 - Wall of Sound - 00:16:34
5 - Hotter Than Hell - 00:20:48
6 - All for the Love of Rock N' Roll - 00:25:30
7 - Love It Loud - 00:29:55
8 - Outta This World - 00:35:00
9 - Guitar Solo (Tommy Thayer) - 00:39:37
10 - War Machine - 00:45:50
11 - Long Way Down - 00:49:43
12 - Bass Solo (Gene Simmons) - 00:53:58
13 - God of Thunder - 00:56:53
14 - Psycho Circus 01:01:09
15 - Calling Dr. Love - 01:06:37
16 - Love Gun (Paul flies) - 01:11:00
17 - Black Diamond (Eric Singer) - 01:15:48

18 - Lick It Up - 01:28:46
19 - I Was Made for Lovin' You - 01:34:25
20 - Rock and Roll All Nite - 01:38:46

KISS To Play 'Hellfest' In France

KISS will bring their 2013 Monster tour to France next June and play the 'Hellfest' 2013 festival. The festival takes place from June 21 - 23, 2013.

More info HERE:

Podcast: KISStory Science Theatre Dynasty Part 1: The Album

Kisstory Science Theatre dig into what is known to many KISS fans simply as "The Disco Record".


KISS Drummer Peter Criss Absolves Himself Of All Responsibility

Playing the blame game in his new book, Makeup to Breakup

Gene Simmons: greedy, misogynistic, megalomaniacal bag of dicks. Paul Stanley: platitude-spewing ultra-narcissist. Also greedy. Ace Frehley: OK, sorta cool in that aloof guitar-hero way, but so whacked out on hard drugs and liquor for most of his life, kinda pathetic, really.

Peter Criss, however, has arguably been the least intolerable of the four original members of KISS: the lovable fuck-up, the "emotional one," the heart and soul of a frequently heartless, soulless band. Never considered a particularly great drummer, his contributions were crucial nonetheless—his "Beth," however sappy, was KISS's biggest-ever hit, and his vocals made "Black Diamond" and "Hard Luck Woman" two of the band's better tunes. But he seemed forever pushed around and disrespected by Gene and Paul. And his addictions and unceasing protestations of unfair treatment earned him multiple pink slips from the KISS corporation over the years.

It has made Criss a fairly sympathetic figure, and maybe if he'd kept his mouth shut and his pen away from paper, things would have stayed that way. But Criss, who'd been threatening to write a tell-all memoir for the past 25 years, finally completed the deed with his newly published Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS—co-authored by Larry "Ratso" Sloman (who helped write Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis's Scar Tissue and Howard Stern's Private Parts and Miss America).

Bad move. Makeup to Breakup—through which Criss clearly intended to settle scores with his erstwhile bandmates, various KISS associates, and his two ex-wives—backfires dramatically, coming off exceedingly petty, exasperating, and selfish. Criss hardly portrays himself as a saint, but even though he details his many personal and professional failings, candidly recounting them isn't the same as owning them. In the end, his lack of genuine soul-searching—as promised in the preface—and his persistently righteous indignation and self-pity render him an unlikable, bitter, oblivious lout.

Read more HERE.

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KISS Adds Swiss Date To 2013 European Tour

KISS will bring their MONSTER Tour to the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland on June 20, 2013!

General public tickets go on sale Friday, November 30th.

Stay tuned to KOL for details on a KISS ARMY Fan Club members-only ticket pre-sale.

Interview With KISS Drummer Eric Singer

Eric Singer is one of the most honest, straight forward interview subjects that one could have the pleasure of speaking to. Never shying away from any question, Singer tells it like it is, not sparing any details. Being the drummer for KISS (on and off) for over 15 years, over the span of three decades, Eric knows what it takes to get the job done, and has never lost the appreciation of being part of one of the biggest bands in the history of music. 

When RockMusicStar recently spoke with Eric Singer, he reflected on "The Tour" with Motley Crue, the writing and recording process of "Monster" (Singer's fourth studio record with KISS), the misconception people have about his approach to drumming in KISS, and also responds to the comments Peter Criss made about him in Criss' autobiography, "Makeup to Breakup."

KISS Drummer Eric Singer Responds To Peter Criss’ Insults | Photos: Peter Cade / Jason Merritt

Kiss drummer Eric Singer has sharp words for Peter Criss, but during a recent interview he never stoops to the level of insults thrown at him by the band’s original timekeeper.

Singer, whose three tours of duty in the band date all the way back to 1991 and bookended Criss’s two reunion stints with the group, sounds weary of critics that claim he’s trying to imitate his predecessor: “I play for the song, and I play for the band. That’s what I play for first. Not for myself, not to appeal to a drummer in the audience.”

Criss took a few jabs at Singer in his new book ‘Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss,’ and Singer took the high road, mostly, during his retorts at the end of a converstation with “I don’t have nothing against the guy, he’s done nothing to me personally,” Singer said. “I may have my own personal opinions of how I feel about him as a drummer, or how he’s conducted himself, that I may or may not agree with everything, but that’s really their (Criss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley‘s) beef.”

Singer explains that he was 100 percent genuine in asking Criss to join the band during the 1995 Los Angeles Kiss Konvention, an offer the former Catman called the opposite. He also explains how current Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer helped Criss re-learn the band’s material before the 1996 original lineup reunion tour, and says Criss has also turned on Thayer.

“You gotta remember, this is Peter’s chance to get some more attention for himself,” Singer explains. “Because, he really hasn’t done much since he’s been out of Kiss.”

“I think the ultimate good way is to take the high road in life. We’ve all had good and bad things happen in our lives. A lot of times, when things don’t go our way, it’s understandable why people become negative, or bitter, or cynical about something, but hopefully, they say that time heals, and I do believe that’s true. Hopefully, we all get to that place in our lives when we look back at our experiences, and we try to remember the positive and the better things about them, rather than the negative and bad things.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"KISS Of A Rabbit" By Artist Robert Farkas | Photo: Robert Farkas

Check out this art print of a rabbit in KISS make-up by artist Robert Farkas titled "KISS Of A Rabbit".

Robert Farkas is a new Hungarian media artist that composites themes based on wolves, lions, foxes and other wildlife animals, by mixing the watercolor technique with digital solutions.

See more of Robert Farkas' work HERE:

Thanks to Matt D. for sending this to KISSopolis.

Weatherman In KISS T-Shirt

KISS really IS everywhere! Check out the t-shirt weatherman Marcus Wadsak recently wore during his weather forecast on Austrian national TV. Seems the t-shirt features German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld with the Paul Stanley 'star' make-up, while sticking out his tongue like Gene Simmons, and the KISS logo.

See the video here:

Bruce Kulick To Guest On New 'Avantasia' Album

Ex-KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK has been in the studio recently to record some lead guitar tracks for the forthcoming Rock Opera of Tobias Sammet‘s AVANTASIA project, due in March 2013.

The pair are hardly strangers as Bruce appeared on the previous Avantasia album, while Tobias sang guest vocals on Bruce‘s last solo album BK3.

Tobias says: "Bruce and I have been friends for some years now, he is a lovely person and an amazing guitarist. It was really obvious I would ask him to come on-board for Avantasia once again. Two of the tracks he plays on are more than 10 minutes long, and they include screaming and whammy-bar driven stuff as well as anthemic MEAT LOAF-ish type melodies. I love it because it's got such an old school quality, and Bruce just has it! Class act!"

In live news, Avantasia has announced that Tobias Sammet’s tour management is currently working on a headlining indoor tour for the band in April. They will also play a few chosen summer festivals, and a South American and Asian tour is planned for late summer.

KISS Adding Second Sydney Show To Australian Dates

Due to strong ticket sales, a second KISS Sydney show is being added to the KISS MONSTER Australian Tour! The new show will take place on March 10th.

General public ticket for this show will go
on sale this Monday, December 3rd.


Feb 28th – Perth - Perth Arena
March 3rd – Adelaide - Clipsal 500 V8 Supercar
March 5th – Melbourne - Etihad Stadium
March 6th – Melbourne - Etihad Stadium
March 9th – Sydney - All Phones Arena
March 10th - Sydney - All Phones Arena
March 12th – Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
March 16th – Mackay- Virgin Australia Stadium

For additional information on KISS' Australian MONSTER Tour, visit

Paul Stanley On "Sixx Sense" Radio Show This Wednesday

Paul Stanley, the iconic founder and frontman for KISS, will make an in-studio appearance on The “Sixx Sense” with Nikki Sixx this Wednesday, November 28. The legendary singer will j
oin his co-host from the recently completed and phenomenally successful 'The Tour' with KISS & Motley Crue, to discuss the great success of the Paul Stanley-produced album MONSTER.

For further information on The “Sixx Sense” or listening times in your area, please go to

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Latest KISS Magazine Cover: "Classic Rock"

KISS on front cover of the latest Russian edition of Classic Rock magazine

Why The Crazy Crazy Guys Are Still Monsters Of Rock | James McNair

After five decades, heavy metal’s most outrageous made-up men refuse to grow old gracefully. James McNair meets Kiss.

Kiss’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley is 60 now, but he had his first hip replacement op aged 52. It was the nightly strutting in eight-inch heels that did it. “Every scar on my body was proudly earned,” he says when asked if he regrets Kiss’s stilt-like footwear. “There’s nothing worse than looking back and wishing you had done things, but I did ’em all. That’s how life is supposed to be lived.”

Today, Stanley is wearing flats – zebra-print flats. “Nice shoes,” says the PR woman who’s introduced us. “Thanks – I shot them specially for you,” says Stanley. Together with fellow founding-member of Kiss, Gene Simmons, 63, this is how Stanley, AKA “The Starchild”, talks. It’s a playful and meticulous kind of braggadocio, the endearing silliness of which he and Simmons are at pains not to acknowledge. To drop the mask would be to undermine the welcome and enduring pantomime that is Kiss.

What they do like to talk about is merchandise. The Kiss Kasket that helps your funeral go with a kerrang!; the Kiss Kondoms that put the kitsch into kontraception – these and sundry other alliterative goods make Kiss seem more brand than band. This time around they are in London to flog Monster, a ridiculously outsized book of glossy Kiss concert photos that weighs for stone, costs around £2,740, and measures three-feet by two-and-a-half feet.

“People say of great books I couldn’t put it down,” says Simmons, “but this one’s more I couldn’t pick it up.”

Monster the album is out, but as is so often the case with Kiss, the new music almost seems like an aside. The cartoonish, New York City-formed band’s fabulously entertaining live shows remain the yardstick by which we measure their worth.

Can they tell me something of what new album, Monster, is about? “What are the songs about?” says drummer Eric Singer incredulously. “They’re about rock’n’roll. It’s nothing to do with age or politics – it’s just the spirit of Kiss, and Kiss never tries to be anything it’s not.” For a man who spends part of his life in the whiskers and pussy-nose guise of “The Catman”, Singer seems pretty intense.

Simmons and the seven-inch tongue he’s quick to waggle at photographers have had plenty of female company over the years. Old flames include Cher and Diana Ross, and the teetotal, Israeli-born star also claims to have bedded over 4,800 women. Simmons once joked that he and his partner – the actress and former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed –were “happily unmarried” for 28 years, but they finally wed in Beverly Hills last October.

Stanley and Simmons have been co-piloting Kiss for almost 40 years now. You have to admire the genius idea of the makeup. It renders Kiss ageless and it still brings TV crews running.

You also have to respect Stanley and Simmons’s incredible work ethic, but there’s a fine line between dedication and megalomania. “The Kissology Volume 4 DVD will be 10 hours,” says Simmons.

The book and album ‘Monster’ are available now from; the box set ‘The Casablanca Singles’ is released on 4 December.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

COTN Podcast - Episode #51: "Rock And Roll Over" Review 

COTN host Cassius Morris starts the show with a quick review of KISS’ South American leg of the “Monster” tour that will lead into summer of 2013. Cassius then takes a moment to remember the late-great Eric Carr. November 24th was the day that we lost him to cancer 21 years ago.

Listen HERE.

KISS To Headline Massive Austrian Festival

KISS will headline at the massive Austrian Nova Rock Festival 2013! The Festival takes place June 14th-16th at Pannonia Fields located in Nickelsdorf, Austria. Nova Rock is Austria's biggest rock music festival, and also one of the largest in Europe. Tickets are on sale now.

Visit for more info.

Latest KISS Magazine Cover: "Popular 1"

Gene Simmons on the cover of the latest issue of Popular 1 magazine from Spain. The issue also features an interview with Gene Simmons, and a Monster album Review.

KISS by Monster Mini Golf Buys Eric Carr's Porsche Car

KISS by Monster Mini Golf

In Memory of Eric Carr...KISS by Monster Mini Golf Vegas, are proud to have added yet another piece of KISStory to our ever growing museum. We purchased Eric's Porsche (a gift from KISS upon signing) from Eric's wonderful sister Loretta. KISS' gift to Eric is now on display at KISS by Monster Mini Golf.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

KISS Brings Madness To Sao Paulo |By Henrique Santiago

KISS stepped onstage with their colossal boots, bringing chills to the Sao Paulo audience of approximately 25,000 people at Arena Anhembi. The band's entry came in style with the powerful one-two punch of
"Detroit Rock City" and "Shout It Out Loud" from 1976's classic "Destroyer," sending the public into madness. Then another song from the golden age of KISS: "Calling Dr. Love." Gene Simmons took the lead vocals for the first time, enchanting the crowd with his charisma and stage presence.

After a series of songs from albums that came out during a time before many of us were even born, behold, the band featured two tracks from the new album "Monster." "Hell Or Hallelujah" live is powerful and exceeds the excellence and quality of the studio version. Before beginning the fourth song, Paul Stanley exuded showmanship when interacting with the public, who were going berserk in the Arena. "Wall Of Sound," although it is not a single, was warmly received by fans. Then, there's nothing like "Hotter Than Hell" coming next in sequence, and the song's title summarized what it was like on Saturday in Sao Paulo: hotter than hell. The track from the album of the same name by 1974 showed that, even if some fans didn't know every lyric, the chorus was on the tip of everyone's tongues.

When it comes to KISS, respect and admiration between the band and its public are mutual. The quartet, especially Paul Stanley, paid many compliments to the fans who were present at the show. In one of the most striking moments, Stanley said he had been in Argentina and in Chile, and the audience booed, of course, -- but soon after he said Sao Paulo is the number-one city, sending the audience into a frenzy.

The show continued with "I Love It Loud," the flagship track from "Creatures of The Night," which was last played on Brazilian soil in 1983 and again was heard tonight. The track, sung in unison by fans, has not aged at all, and it shows that it is one of the best highlights of the KISS show. When you have the intensity of Eric Singer's drumming true to the original version, and Gene Simmons singing too (to many, a Rock God on Earth,) the song had the audience singing every chorus. Without a doubt, it was one of the most memorable moments of the show.

Paul Stanley showed again that he is a frontman who inspires love from his audience. When introducing guitarist Tommy Thayer, he asked that Tommy's name be shouted, and it was with a standing ovation. The spotlight was appointed to Thayer who sang "Outta This World," the third track from "Monster" in the repertoire. Then he split the stage with Eric Singer to entertain the public with skilled guitar solos and pyrotechnic effects added to the drumming, right up to a Bazooka handled by Singer that shot jets of fire.

Moreover, the visual spectacle presented by KISS has not received enough due attention. Fires and fireworks are spectacular effects in the show, but when Gene Simmons takes a simple bass solo into a state of possession, spitting blood and pleasing the audience, finally being suspended at the top of the stage to sing "God of Thunder," it causes chills. After the surreal Gene Simmons demon had been exorcised, Paul Stanley brought his voice to sing "Psycho Circus," his feet leaving the stage often.

This was another prominent moment in the show when the effects perfectly matched the music. Paul Stanley flew off the stage toward a platform to sing "Love Gun" with the audience, who was singing with full lungs. How could you not find this fantastic? "Black Diamond," whose chords were anticipated after the introduction of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" closed the first part of the show. But shortly before, Stanley asked if the audience wanted to hear more songs from KISS. The audience already gave that answer a long time ago.

The crowd, who shouted the name of the band during the absence of the quartet on stage, was presented with two more pop hits from the band: "Lick It Up," that pleased even the older fans of the band, featuring more snippets of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again," and disco hit "I Was Made For Lovin' You," resulting in excitement among the women present. To close the show, after little more than an hour and a half, could there be any song but "Rock 'n' Roll All Nite?" While the fans were presented with the rock anthem and sang along extensively, a shower of fireworks and shredded paper illuminated the dark sky of São Paulo's cosmopolitan night.

KISS has enjoyed an almost forty year career and numerous members over several turbulent phases. When the quartet gets together with the simple goal of playing rock'n ' roll and entertaining the public, they show that behind the strong and striking makeup, there are four music entities able to make everyone from children to girls paint their faces in an effort to be close to their idols. Fans left the Anhembi Arena with smiles on their faces and repeating the name of the band. A night that won't be forgotten.

Set List:

1- Detroit Rock City
2- Shout It Out Loud
3- Calling Dr. Love
4- Hell or Hallelujah
5- Wall of Sound
6- Hotter Than Hell
7- I Love It Loud
8- Outta This World
9- God of Thunder
10- Psycho Circus
11- War Machine
12- Love Gun
13- Black Diamond

14- Lick It Up
15- I Was Made for Lovin’ You
16- Rock and Roll All Nite

Remembering Eric Carr

Paul Charles Caravello, Better Known As Eric Carr, Passed Away Twenty One Years Ago Today. 

We All Miss You, Eric.

(July 12, 1950 – November 24, 1991)

Friday, November 23, 2012

KISSOnline Black Friday Deals

Spend $75 or more at KISSOnline and get 25% off! 

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KISS Pick World Black Friday KISS Deals

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Review: KISS "The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982"

Wayne Parry, Associated Press

No act has been better at getting you to buy songs you already own in numerous formats than Kiss. With at least 18 greatest hits, compilation or box set albums on the market, here comes ye
t another one. Something in the neighbourhood of $145 will get you this latest box set, a re-release of 29 U.S. Kiss singles, each on 45 rpm vinyl records (remember those?)

Box sets have two main selling points: previously unavailable music, and way-cool packaging. Because these singles have all been out there for decades, this box set's appeal lies in its presentation. Weighing in at a hefty eight pounds, the set starts with the band's very first single, "Nothin' To Lose," with the flip side "Love Theme From Kiss" from way back in 1974. All but three of the singles come with decorative foreign sleeves with elaborate artwork, and, in the case of the Japanese sleeves, hilarious mistranslations of lyrics. A line from "C'mon And Love Me" morphs from, "The lights are out" to "Your lives are out." Even the misprints are faithfully preserved: Peter Criss' solo single "You Matter To Me" appears as "You Still Matter To Me" on the label.

Far and away the coolest are the singles from each of the band's solo albums, pressed in colored vinyl: red for Gene Simmons, purple for Paul Stanley, green for Criss and blue for Ace Frehley. Each of these four also comes with a cut-out Halloween-type mask of each member's face in Kiss makeup, a throwback to the days when Kiss albums came loaded with swag.

Die-hard Kiss fans will probably want to pick this up — provided they still have turntables.

More info at

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Latest KISS Magazine Cover: "Metallian"

Source: KISS Army Spain

The November/December edition of the French magazine 'Metallian' features KISS' Gene Simmons on the cover. The magazine also contains an interview with Gene in which he speaks of the new KISS album "Monster", "The Tour" of North America, the KISS Kruise II, as well as merchandising and the future of the band.

Tommy Thayer Thanks The KISS Fans Of South America

KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer has taken to his Twitter account to address the KISS fans of South America. Tommy writes:

"What a great tour of South America! The shows all rocked & the fans were AMAZING! Thank YOU!!!"

Follow Tommy on Twitter:

KISS Perform "Hide Your Heart" For Meet & Greet Fans In Rio de Janeiro

Video of KISS performing "Hide Your Heart" unplugged for meet and greet fans in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, November 18, 2012.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clean Gene And His Motley Crue

KISS superstar Gene Simmons is a drink- and drug-free zone.

Famously, he kicked guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss out of the band for rock and rolling every night and partying every day.
But Simmons had no such qualms when promoters pitched the double bill of Kiss and notorious alcohol and drug fiends Motley Crue.

In fairness, while frontman Vince Neill still drinks, the Crue have cleaned up their act.

Simmons says: "I always liked Motley Crue. Everybody's had some dysfunction and those guys are known for what's happened to them, the ups and downs. It's not unique.

"But you've got to draw the line in the sand. The stage is holy ground. This is church. When you get up there you've got to have respect for yourself, respect for your bandmates, but most importantly, respect for the fans."

Simmons' sobriety through 40 years of rock stardom is best viewed through Frehley's tell-all book published last year. Frehley took Simmons to lunch recently to tell him about a chapter in which Gene saved Ace's life.

"I saved his life a few times," Simmons deadpans. "I was curious about which time he meant."

Frehley told Simmons it was one night in South Carolina: "I was drunk and despite you telling me not to dive into the pool, I did it anyway and started to drown. Then you dove in after me, pulled me out, and saved my life."

Gene told Ace: "You are completely right, except for one thing. It didn't happen to you. It happened to Peter Criss. You were out cold next to me."

Simmons, 63, credits his teetotalling ways to his upbringing. Born Chaim Weitz in Israel, he is the only child of a Holocaust survivor.

"I've never been drunk or high in my life. And I continue to be not interested in it. It probably has to do with my mother. She had a really tough life. She was in concentration camps in Nazi Germany when she was 14 years old. I never thought I had the right to give her any grief. I never wanted to break her heart.

"There is nothing in drink or drugs that has vitamins, minerals, makes you smarter, or any body parts bigger. It's useless self-destructive stuff. It's the bane of civilisation."

Kiss, helmed by Simmons and singer Paul Stanley, celebrates its 40th year in 2013.

The band released a new album, Monster, last month. It debuted Top 3 around the world and got great reviews.

Simmons says: "We have to make sure when we write new songs it's not the faint shadow of some glorious distant past.

"The right here and right now has to be equally important as yesterday. You can't be a fading shooting star."

In Simmons' world, you can't be a faking pop star, either. He claims Madonna and Rihanna are lying to their fans about live performances.

"They sing great, they look great and they're fashionable. My only question is, why don't you have enough balls to get up on stage in front of your fans and tell them truthfully: 'Only half of what you're hearing is real. The other half is canned music, like a karaoke singer. We're lying to you.'

"What an insult," he spits.

"If you're going to charge $100 a ticket, at least have the decency to tell your fans that only half of the music they're hearing is live.

"Or get up on stage like great bands - AC/DC, Metallica, Kiss and very few others - and sweat your nuts off, with nobody backstage pushing buttons."

KISS Perform "Shandi" For Meet & Greet Fans In Rio de Janeiro

Fan filmed video of KISS performing an unplugged version of "Shandi" for meet and greet fans in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, November 18, 2012.

Happy 37th Anniversary To The KISS Army | Photo: Bill Starkey

Today In KISStory - November 21, 1975: The KISS Army as born in Terre Haute, Indiana.

A lifetime of thanks to KISS Army founders Bill Starkey and Jay Evans for starting the best fan club in the world. We Are One.

KISStory of The KISS Army:

In January 1975, Bill Starkey and Jay Evans, two teenage KISS fans from Terre Haute, Indiana, began contacting local radio station WVTS in an effort to get KISS music played. After being repeatedly turned down by program director Rich Dickerson, Starkey and Evans began calling WVTS claiming to be "the KISS Army." Additionally, they sent letters to the station and signed them, "Bill Starkey–President of the KISS Army," and "Jay Evans–Field Marshall." By July 1975, WVTS had begun to play KISS records, often referring to the KISS Army. Some of the letters included threats to blow up the station. Before long, listeners started calling the station asking how they could enlist.

Dickerson worked with Starkey and Evans to provide advance promotion for a KISS concert at the new Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute. Before the show, Kiss publicist Alan Miller contacted Starkey to discuss the KISS Army. At Miller's request, Starkey and Evans took phone calls on the air at WVTS to recruit as many members as possible for the KISS Army. As a result of these efforts, the November 21 show sold out (10,000 seats). During the concert, Starkey was brought on stage and given a plaque by KISS. On November 21, 2010 the KISS Army turned 35 to celebrate it the Mayor of Terre Haute declared it KISS Army day and co founder Bill Starkey spent the day as guest DJ for 105.5 the river - a Terre Haute radio station playing KISS music.

Soon after the Terre Haute concert, the KISS Army became the official fan club of the group. Order forms for the KISS Army first appeared in November 1976's Destroyer. Former head of KISS merchandising Ron Boutwell estimated that the fan club (at its peak) earned US$ 5,000 per day, and had nearly 100,000 members. After a period of inactivity, KISS announced the re-launch of the KISS Army as the group's official fan club on August 23, 2007. (

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KISS, Motley Crue Down Under In Feb

ROCK 'n roll doesn't get any bigger than this - KISS and Mötley Crüe on the same stage, on the same night.

It's been five long years since KISS last toured Australia, and now they're headed back Down Under in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

The rock giants will play arena dates in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Mackay in February/March 2013.

Both bands have been touring together since July this year, playing over 40 dates across the US, Canada and Mexico on "The Tour".

Classic Irish rockers Thin Lizzy, will be back in town and on stage with the line-up along with Brisbane up-and-comers Diva Demolition.

Allphones Arena's General Manager, Guy Ngata, said today: "I have no doubt [KISS] will bring a spectacular show that will have the Army rocking Allphones Arena. Add to the night special guests Mötley Crüe, and it is sure to be a gig that Sydney rock enthusiasts won’t want to miss."

Tour dates:
Thursday, February 28 - Perth Arena
Sunday, March 3 - Clipsal 500, Adelaide
Tuesday, March 5 - Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Saturday, March 9 - All Phones Arena, Sydney
Tuesday, March 12 - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Saturday, March 16 - Virgin Australia Stadium, Mackay

Tickets go on sale on Thursday, 22 November at 9.00am. There is a limit of six tickets per transaction.

Visit, or call 132 849.

Latest KISS Magazine Cover: "Sue"

Source: eBay

KISS is featured on the cover of the Finnish magazine "Sue" this month. The magazine includes photos of KISS and a story on Paul Stanley.
Check it out HERE:

New Website For KISS & Motley Crue Australian Tour

Check out the new website for the KISS & Motley Crue Australian Tour from February 28 - March 16, 2012.

Check it out here:

Peter Criss Sings "Hard Luck Woman" At Horror Convention

Here's a fan video clip of original KISS drummer Peter Criss singing "Hard Luck Woman" during his Q&A at the "Days Of The Dead" horror convention in Chicago, IL on November 17, 2012.

Photo: KISS Catching A Ride

Check out this photo of Gene, Eric, Paul, and Tommy in full make-up and costumes catching a quick ride in the back of a few vehicles while on tour.

Thanks to Krister Viken for sending KISSopolis this photo.

KISS Adding Second Melbourne Show To Australian Tour

Due to strong ticket pre-sales, a second KISS Melbourne show is being added to the KISS MONSTER Australian Tour! The new show will take place on March 6th.

General public ticket for all KISS Australian shows will go on sale this Thursday, November 22.


Feb 28th – Perth - Perth Arena
March 3rd – Adelaide - Clipsal 500 V8 Supercar
March 5th – Melbourne - Etihad Stadium
March 6th – Melbourne - Etihad Stadium
March 9th – Sydney - All Phones Arena
March 12th – Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
March 16th – Mackay- Virgin Australia Stadium

For additional information on KISS' Australian MONSTER Tour, visit

KISS: Monster Album Review

The legendary glam rock band KISS released their 20th album, “Monster” last month. This is the follow up album to the band’s 2009 release “Sonic Boom,” which was put out by this current line-up consisting of o
riginal members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, along with drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer. Singer has been in KISS off and on from 1992-1996, and rejoined the band (when original drummer Peter Criss left during the Farewell Tour due to a contract dispute) in early 2001.

Tommy Thayer, who has been associated with the band as an assistant when his former band, Black N Blue didn’t work out, wound up playing in the band (Thayer also played as a Tribute Spaceman in his tribute band Cold Gin.) starting about late 2002 when original KISS Guitarist Ace Frehley left KISS. Eric plays as the “Catman,” and Tommy plays as the “Spaceman.” This is not a popular move amongst some fans, but it should be noted that due to financial problems, Ace and Peter sold their rights to their makeup to Gene and Paul. Therefore, Gene and Paul have the legal rights, etc. That being said, as former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher used to say, “It is what it is.”

Getting back to my review of “Monster,” I will give my overall impression of KISS’ newest album. I have been a fan since 1977. I have my personal favorite albums (“Rock and Roll Over, ” “Destroyer,” “Love Gun,” “Alive.”). I also have my least favorite albums(“(Music from) The Elder, “UnMasked,” “Carnival of Souls”). I have some albums that were just mediocre (“Gene Simmons Solo,” “Crazy Nights”).

That being said, I absolutely LOVE “Monster.” I can not stop listening to it. I would put it in the FUN category. I find the album enjoyable from beginning to end. There is not one bad song on it. From the opener, “Hell or Hallelujah” to the closing number, ” Last Chance,” KISS has knocked this beauty out of the park.

I will be reviewing the CD track by track, so here we go.

“Hell or Hallelujah” (P.Stanley)

This is the opening song. It is a hard rocking song about just going for what you want in life despite of whatever obstacles are in front of you. When it was released as a single prior to the CD’s release, I just fell in love with the song. It has a very upbeat rhythm which reminds one of the song, “Train Kept A Rollin.’” The vocals by Paul and Gene are awesome, and I love drummer Eric Singer on this tune. Tommy Thayer does some good lead guitar work as well.

“Wall of Sound” (P.Stanley, T.Thayer, G.Simmons)

Now, if there IS a song I like the LEAST on this CD, it is this one. I LIKE it, but the other eleven tracks are much better. Gene Simmons sings this song. The song has a pretty cool swing to it, and the band plays it well, but the song doesn’t really do it for me. I will listen to it though.

“Freak” ( P.Stanley, T.Thayer)

This song took awhile for me to get into, honestly. I just love it. Paul Stanley’s voice is in top form. It is a fun song about being proud of being who you are. This is a rocking tune, and Tommy’s lead work is a highlight of the song.

“Back To The Stone Age” (G.Simmons, T.Thayer, P.Stanley, E.Singer)

This is a fun and lively song sung by Gene Simmons. I mean, who else would sing such a song? The song is pretty self explanatory with it’s chorus, “Back to the stone age. Back where I belong.” Gene sings about how he is a primitive guy, and just wants to be free. I just love this tune. It describes Gene to a “T.”

“Shout Mercy” (P.Stanley, T.Thayer)

This is another great song that showcases Paul’s great vocals. I enjoyed this song. It is a very energetic song with a lot of sexual overtones. It’s a very sexy song. There is good lead guitar work by Thayer, and there is great drumming by Singer featured on this song.

“Long Way Down” (P.Stanley, T.Thayer)

Great song sung by Paul which is a real slow paced song about if you are top of your game, and if you hang with the wrong people, you crash personally to a very low depth. Plenty of athletes have experienced this, and it is a great warning for others.

“Eat Your Heart Out” (G.Simmons)

This is a cool tune. Gene is singing about his favorite activity, sex. However, it is the musicianship that carries the song. I love Tommy’s use of his wah-wah, and one can’t get enough cowbell.

“The Devil Is Me” (P. Stanley, G.Simmons, T.Thayer)

Gene is pretty much describing his character he plays on the stage. Of course, his portrayal of that character is one of the reasons religious fanatics protested the band in the 70′s, and still do to this day.

Regardless, Gene’s vocals are awesome, and the musicianship is terrific. I play this song quite often.

“Outta This World” (T.Thayer)

Well, this is my favorite song from the CD. I love this song so much, that I made it my ringtone. Tommy’s song is amazing. I love his vocals, and the musicianship on this CD. Overall, the song is the best song on the CD. I play the song at least two or three times, and listen to it once a day. That is how good the song is.

I want to add that I am critiquing this album from THIS lineup, and not comparing any of these songs from prior lineups. That being said, if I had to play that card, this song is a really cool homage to both “Shock Me,” and “Rocket Ride,” both written and sung by original KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley in the sense that this song is a PG combination of both. There are elements of both Frehley songs in both the lyrics and the music.

“All For The Love Of Rock & Roll” (P.Stanley)

This song is sung by Eric Singer, who has a real nice voice. This is a nice and easy song, reminiscient of “Mr.Speed,” from the band’s 1976 release, “Rock and Roll Over.” The song is about playing music, and living life because one loves rock and roll. The song is a simple song, but I really enjoy it.

“Take Me Down Below” (P.Stanley, G.Simmons, T.Thayer)

A sexually charged song sung by Gene and Paul. The song is awesome. It has a very sexy rhythm, and of course, the lyrics could be taken two ways, “Take me down below.” “Doesn’t matter where we go.” Boy, do the guys in KISS love using the sexual double entendre.

“Last Chance” (P.Stanley, G.Simmons, T.Thayer)

The last song, “Last Chance” is a hard hitting rocker about going for what you want in life. Great song all around. KISS has always been about going for what you want in life, and has been an inspiration to me in my life, so this is a perfect song to end a really awesome CD.

Overall, I heartily recommend “Monster.” The songs are great, as is the musicianship. Kudos to Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy on a job well done.

KISS 3D Snare Drums

KISS licensee Rock Custom Drums is releasing a series of KISS 3D snare drums. Each drum of art is 6.5"x15"x18" in size.
Hoops and shells are made of wood. The top mylar is 10MM and completely hand painted. Shells are custom airbrushed painted and clear coated. Each snare produces professional studio quality sound. A certificate of authenticity is included with each snare drum.

Visit for more info.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Did Gene Simmons Beg Eddie Van Halen To Join KISS?

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has always boasted that long ago, Edward Van Halen, while expressing his frustration over dealing with David Lee Roth, actually asked if he could join Kiss. Gene never expanded upon the story.

We’re not completely convinced that Gene isn’t making a bigger deal out of it then it was. If Eddie really did ask to join Kiss, he probably woke up the next day with a brutal hangover and had a laugh about it with the rest of the band.

Back in 1996, before we ran the Van Halen News Desk, we published the all-Van Halen magazine, ‘The Inside.” While working on an article for the magazine, we inadvertently dug up some interesting info regarding this rumor. We were conducting an interview with Wally “Cartoon” Olney, who was a good friend of Van Halen’s back when they were starting to get big in Pasadena in the mid-seventies. Olney hung out with the band countless times at Eddie and Alex’s parent’s house and also attended many of the band’s rehearsals in Roth’s basement.

During our interview with Olney, he mentioned that Alex and Edward would constantly visit the music store where he was employed. One day in the store, the Van Halen brothers told him that Gene Simmons financed a demo tape of theirs, and then Olney mentions something interesting about Gene and Eddie. Here’s the excerpt from our interview:

Olney: Gene tried to recruit Eddie.

The Inside: For Kiss?

Olney: Well, for something. I mean, constantly. I was at Ed’s house several times and Gene had called there and Ed was going, “No, man, I don’t want to play with you.”

The Inside: Gene apparently has said that Ed had asked him if he could join Kiss.

Olney: Wrong. I sat in his bedroom in their old house in Pasadena. The rooms are fucking tight. There was a little bedroom set off the back. I can remember Ed picking up the phone going, “No I don’t want to play,” and telling me, “God, he calls me constantly, and won’t leave me the fuck alone.” He goes, “It was cool that he made that tape for us, but I don’t want to be in a band with him. I’ve got my own band.” I can remember going back to my friends, going, “Guess what? Gene Simmons called Ed!”

Gene Simmons To Take Part In Celebrity Poker Tournament

Mending Kids International (MKI)* is bringing a star-studded fundraising Celebrity Poker tournament - "Four Kings and An Ace" - to The London West Hollywood on Saturday, December 1st. The event is hosted by "Four Kings" of entertainment with longtime supporter Mel Gibson with Gene Simmons, Robert Downey, Jr., Sean Pean, and "Ace" Jodie Foster. 

MKI is a California based nonprofit organization providing for pediatric surgeries to children in developing countries and surgial training to medical staff for help in building a long-term, sustainable surgical program.

Read more HERE:

Guitar Tips With Bruce Kulick Of KISS

How does someone starting out know what guitar is best for them? Do you have any suggestions based on your personal experience?
Right now, there are excellent guitars out there for way less than $1,000. Never before have so many manufacturers, figured out how to do it well, although they are mostly imported guitars. Buy what you like, in a budget that fits, and of course I love ESP's, Gibson's, Fender's and PRS guitars.

Pick vs fingers? Why?
Well, Jeff Beck who is a MONSTER plays with fingers, but the answer is pick. You need it for leads, and rhythm's etc.

How important is knowing how to read music?
Reading can help, but a good ear for music is more important. McCartney can't read music. He's a musical genius. But reading can be helpful to learning songs.

What should one listen for when listening to music?
I tend to be sure first off, what the groove and key of the song feels like. Then melody and lyrics come into play. I have a fault of lyrics not meaning that much to me. But they are very important. I just love MELODY! And bass, and drums and of course GUITARS!

Should one practice by playing along with their favorite songs at first?
If they can keep up with songs that they love, it is good inspiration of course. But be real, you can't learn playing Van Halen. You gotta walk before you run.

Is starting from the basics by learning chords and scales important?
Too many guitarists, try to learn scales and don't know the fingerboard for chords, or even where the notes are. Very important to know chords. I really get annoyed with good lead players, not knowing their chords.

Why choose lead guitar over bass or rhythm?
I think some people are very natural on one or a few things. Paul McCartney can play lead, rhythm and is one of the best bass players around. Even Lennon played leads and bass sometimes. So be good on whatever makes sense for you. I am known as a guitarist but I play a mean bass guitar. I even have played on KISS albums instead of Gene. Whatever works for the song.

Are there any good guitar books, DVDs or websites out there? Anything you can suggest?
Well, my DVD's are good! I am not up on what are the best teaching tools out there, but there are MANY. All the popular guitar magazines have great online info.

How do you deal with stage-fright? Any tips for those who get a little nervous?
Well, I still get nervous before a show, sometimes more or less depending on my mood. It's important to know it is NORMAL. You care, you want to play good. So you get nervous. Just remember not to get spooked and follow that inner musical direction to stay on course.

How important is playing in a group setting? Does this help one become a better musician?
Playing in a band, really makes a HUGE difference in progressing. Being a team, having a good band will make you better. The bedroom guitarist will never be as good in the end, as the band guitarist.

Do you have any advice for those who love to play, but haven't had the chance to play in a band?
Having the chance to play with others is what music is all about. Yes there are talented guys that can do everything, in there own home. NOT the same. Get out and play with other players. Always a big plus. That is what making music is all about. Like The Beatles....4 great musicians but the whole is enormous in what it can create.

Any other advice you wish to share?
Very important to walk before you run. So know your chords, know the notes on the fingerboard, know the inversions of various chords on the guitar and know scales up and down, and make it all musical. Make the guitar lead playing like a voice singing!

Photos: KISS In Porto Alegre, Brazil

 Photos: Sophia Velho Fotografia

KISS live in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.

See more photos HERE.

Photos: Sophia Velho Fotografia