Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast: Did Vinnie Vincent Save KISS?

In episode #2 we discuss Vinnie Vincent. Did Vinnie Vincent save KISS with his songwriting skills?


Chris12345 said...

Vinnie could write a short thesis on how not to replace the original lead guitar for a successful Mega group.On second thought,It could be included in Tommy Thayer's book(How I became the Successful lead guitarist of KISS) linear notes under the heading; "what not to do". During that time period we had to accept Vinnie understanding that Ace was recovering from a car accident.I quickly grew to hate him.I saw Vinnie twice.Never bought any of his stuff outside KISS.When I read about his relationships with Kiss and other people I realize he's not the most popular kid in the class,His reputation was deserved. Chris

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Great discussion on VV. However, I think all 3 of you guys were pretty rough on Vinnie. He's MORE than a footnote in Kisstory, he played an important part in getting them BACK ON TRACK. Did HE SAVE KISS? Of course not. But, he did write some classic songs that are STILL in the live setlist plus, he damn near wrote Lick It Up, which I think was the LAST great KISS album. I know most would say Revenge, but I think that album is more of a'sign of the times' album than L.I.U. Kinda ironic that Gene needed VVs help AGAIN after a run of 3 or 4 awful albums! Is VV perfect? NO. Was he right for KISS? NO. Did he play a MAJOR part in their RESURRECTION in the 80s? ABSOLUTLEY! I saw the COTN & LIU tours and rate them both as great KISS tours! People - its O.K. to like Vinnie! And its also OK to LOVE Vinnie! WHICH I DO!

Chris12345 said...

Each is entitled to their own opinion. That's what's great in AMERICA! More people are in agreement with the panel then you or Vinnie would be making music instead of getting arrested or suing KISS unsuccessfully.

Luxor said...

Why was the discussion even titled Did Vinnie Vincent save KISS? Why not title it 3 guys who hated Vinnie Vincent?

Kiss started going downhill by 1978. The Dynasty tour was a huge money loser for the band. Unmasked was a major flop of an album. The album did so poorly, they couldn't even tour the US.

The Elder was the final nail in the KISS coffin. They were flat lined.

Gene and Paul ran off Peter and then they ran off Ace.

Vinnie was exactly what KISS needed. A shot of adrenaline straight to the heart to revive them from the dead.

In the podcast, people talk about why not Bob Kulick> How well did Bob's songs do? We can hear what pre-Vinnie Creatures sounded like. Was "Partners In Crime" or any of the others what KISS needed? Kiss with Bob Kulick would have meant KISS was over within a year or two.

Vinnie came in and KISS was a different beast. "I Love It Loud", "I Still Love You" were on the set lists for years. Killer was a great song as well. But they also recorded more of his songs for the album.

One of those songs even Ace Frehley tried to put on his debut album. I don't remember Vinnie ever going to Ace for songs but Ace tried to cut one of his.

Also during 1982, Peter Criss cut a Vinnie song.

By the time, Lick It Up was released, all the talk was about Vinnie. He had saved the band. Here's an album where's his songs are all over it. His playing, his style. LIU-Guitar World top 10 album of the year. Kerrang- top 3 album of the year. KISS had been saved.

Invasion outsold Ace's debut.

The people who have heard the "Guitar From Hell" tracks know that was his strongest work.

Kiss' album "Hot In The Shade" wasn't a success. Top hit with Forever couldn't even help the album sales.

At the same time, Ace's latest "Trouble Walking" just died.

Peter still couldn't muster anything of a hit.

Here comes Bob Ezrin. Kiss is desperate. So they record "God Gave Rock and Roll To You Too". Why didn't that have the balls like "Revenge" did? And why did KISS have to resort to covering a tune?

There goes the whole Ezrin did anything. What did it take? Once again, the re-appearance of the Egyptian Warrior. Suddenly, KISS is back to the sound that Vinnie brought then on "Creatures of the Night" and "Lick It Up".

Two of the singles off "Revenge" were written by whom?

Paul's biggest problem with Vinnie is that Vinnie was getting too much attention. Paul would complain to anyone who would listen that Vinnie was trying to turn KISS into the Vinnie Vincent band. Paul should have thanked him, because Paul ran KISS into the ground.

Chris 12345 said...

Luxor are you the president of the Vinnie Vincent fan club? How many members not including pets and Vinnie?Where is Vinnie now? Serving probation for spousal abuse,hiding under bankruptcy protection to keep from paying failed lawsuits against KISS.Oh yeah charging ridicules fees for his website fan club. If he such a great song writer how come he's not writing for himself or others? How many years does it take? Why isn't he working playing guitar for other musicians, songs? Could it be he's too hard to work with? OK KISS used Vinnie for some stuff,could used lots of other people.If they had used someone else we'd be talking bout someone else.Vinnie has talent,I don't think anyone has said otherwise.Vinnie's fate was determined by his own self implosion,in KISS,Invasion and other attempts to become a Rock artist.As Paul Stanley said "Vinnie made his own bed let him lie in it". CM (Another Vinnie Hater) Just a brief note I don't hate anyone,I wish all whatever success,happiness they are able to achieve in this world, life's too short.

Anonymous said...

Where's some actual arguments against what Luxor said? Not the strawman arguments you make about Vinnie's life outside of Kiss. All of what you talk about happened after he did / or didn't save KISS.

Chris12345 said...

Oh Great the other member of the fan club! Or is it Lexor again? Look I acknowledge Vinnie's contributions for that time.Is he better than Bruce,Ace or Tommy? I'll let how many KISS albums each has been on answer that question, or how many shows performed with the band. I'm glad you like Vinnie,he needs every friend he can.I saw Vinnie twice w/KISS Creatures/Lick it Up.The man has talent he wouldn't have played with KISS if he hadn't any. Overrated? I think so.Self destructive? Well his history explains that.Egotistic? probably more than Gene & Paul and that has contributed to his demise. CM

Ralph said...

It's too bad "Happy Days" got cancelled Vinnie might still have a job. Wait! there's hope,..."Happy Days The Next Generation".Ralph

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