Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spiro Papadatos Interview - KISSin' Time KISS Tribute CD

For Part 2 of our KISSIN' TIME - Canada's Tribute to KISS Interviews, we speak with long time Kiss family member Spiro Papadatos and Bob from the band Bobnoxious about the new tribute CD released today, October 31st, 2012. Thirteen Kiss classics from thirteen Canadian INDIE Artists with all proceeds going to SICKKIDS Foundation (Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital).
DBG: For those that might not know who Spiro Papadatos is, please take a moment to introduce yourself and inform us of your rather interesting affiliation with KISS.

SPIRO: Hi Wally, thanks for spreading the word about KISSIN’ TIME and supporting SickKids Foundation! I am a Canadian artist, graphic designer, musician and tour manager. I’m also one of the producers of KISSIN’ TIME. I've worked with KISS in many different roles since 1995. I started off as their merchandise manager and then became a part of their tour management team. In addition to designing numerous KISS merchandise items, I've also been involved in several other KISS projects over the years as a graphic designer, videographer and photographer. I even shot pyro on the last tour. Whatever needs to be done.

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