Thursday, December 27, 2012

KISS Frontman's Advice To Wollongong Teen

Few people can say they've received life coaching from Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, but then again, few people are as passionate about the lead singer as Wollongong teen Jack Shaw.

"When I met Paul Stanley for the first time, in 2007, I asked him 'how did you get to this - the fame and everything else?'," Jack told the Mercury.

"He replied: 'You've got to start small to get big'."

Which is exactly what the 14-year-old has done.

Earning money doing chores around the house and holding down an after-school job, Jack has accumulated a personal collection of Kiss memorabilia conservatively valued at $30,000.

A self-confessed fanatic, Jack's sizeable trove includes everything from personally signed guitars and gold records to intricate figurines. And why, you ask?

"Because they're the greatest band that's ever been - they're much more than just the music," Jack beamed.

"They have all the different aspects you can explore, such as the great stage show, the great music, the make-up and the whole mystique, as well as the memorabilia.

"I've been following them ever since I can remember. The first concert I went to I was about six.

"If you have a passion, I guess you follow it. People might know a lot about rugby league, or Matt Cooper - I know about my heroes, which is Paul Stanley and Kiss."

It's no surprise that the teen will be at both Sydney shows when Kiss tour Australia in March.

Jack has dipped into his savings again for a chance to meet the entire group, forking out $1500 (with a little help from mum) for an access-all-areas pass to the shows.

He will also add to his personal tally of 50 or so signed items while he's there.

"I get to meet all four for the first time in March, which will be amazing," Jack said.

"You get a 40-minute private sound check with the band, then you get around a 30-minute autograph session and seat with the first section during the performance - right up close to the stage.

"I'm also hoping to go to the two Melbourne shows as well."