Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gene Simmons Takes On New Job: Race Track Promoter | Pic: YouTube

Gene Simmons achieved international fame as the front man for KISS, but in recent years, he’s made most of his dough through business and marketing efforts.

Considered the world’s best self-promoter, perhaps next to Donald Trump, Simmons and KISS have earned millions from themed golf courses, stuffed dolls, bobble heads, a casino, and much more.

At Wednesday evening’s Opening Day at California’s famous Santa Anita Park, Simmons promised to help out good friend and racetrack owner, Frank Stronach, by assisting with marketing and making Santa Anita “the coolest place on Earth”.

In a filmed announcement, Simmons says, "The past is magical and the present is all going to change. We’re going to get Brad and Angelina out here. They’re all going to come here because it is going to be the coolest place on Earth."

Simmons and Stronach have been friends and business partners for years. Simmons’ marketing company, Simmons Abramson Marketing, marketed an energy drink called ‘Franks Energy Drink’, inspired by Stronach. Additionally, Frank’s daughter, Belinda, helped Simmons revive his record label in 2008.