Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free KISS Band Memorabilia Ad On Craigslist


Hey KISS Army! Check out this Craigslist ad from Pasadena:

You wanted the best and you got the best: my KISS collection. I'm saying goodbye to my KISS memorabilia. I always planned on becoming a serious collector, but I never got around to it, and it's time to say Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll to my modest collection. And it's important to me that it find a good home. Do you, or someone you know, love KISS? I mean, do you really really really, REALLY love KISS? Then this collection can be yours --- for FREE.

I was talking to somebody backstage before, and they were tellin' me it would be great for yourself, or as a last-last-last minute KISSmas present to the KISS fan in your life.

There are no bills, there are no fees. There is one requirement, though. You must tell me in 250 words or less why you - or your friend, or husband, or brother, or wife, or Shandi, or whoever - deserves this collection more than anyone else. What does KISS mean to you? Why will yours be the best home for my collection? What part have these Creatures of the Night played in your life? The essay that moves, touches, or makes me think, or cry, or laugh the most, will win.

HOWEVER, if none of the essays accomplishes the above, there will be no winner. Put some imagination and heart into it, people!

So, get up and get your grandma out of here! You've got work to do.

Now, you're probably wondering what you'll get for your 250 words? The collection includes the following...

All 4 unopened McFarlane Toys KISS Action Figures from 1997, each with mini gold replica solo album.
2 Legends of The Fridge refrigerator magnets of the band - opened, but still in packaging.
1 official KISS Bean Bag dolls - all four dolls in Psycho Circus packaging, number 0727 of 25000.
1 Ralph Marlin unused KISS tie from 1997.

1 Chu-Bops mini-album cover from 1980 for KISS Unmasked. Chu-Bops were a piece of album-shaped bubble gum inside a mini album cover. This has been opened, and there is no gum. It's a really cool collector's item.

1 Rock And Roll Over album cover stand-up display.

13 issues of the official KISS Psycho Circus comic book (issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
1 copy of 1992 Rock Fantasy comic book called KISS II.

4 issues Goldmine record collector's magazine (1990, 1996, 1998, 2000) featuring really great interviews and merchandise info - these are great reads!
16 issues of KISSaholics, an underground 'zine from the early 90s with KISS info, articles, interviews, etc.

1 official mini-program from the KROQ Weenie Roast, June 15th 1996 - KISS' first official reunion show.
1 official 3D glasses from the Dodger Stadium show on Halloween Night, 1998.

1 unopened box of official KISS Condoms 3-pack from 2002.

1 copy KISS Hotter Than Hell: The Stories Behind Every Song book by Paul Elliott.
1 copy KISS Strike Photo Special 1980-1983 - thin book of black and white photos of the band from the early 80s.
1 copy KISS Live! (with German S's on the logo) thin book detailing the history of the band.
1 copy KISS Modern Icons book from 1997.

1 unopened official 1998 KISS Calendar.
1 unopened official KISS makeup kit from 1997.

1 unopened box of the COMPLETE collection of KISS Collector Cards Series One from 1997.
1 sealed KISS Limited Edition Preview Set of cards, #12942 of 15000.
2 Johnny Lightning Racing Dreams KISS collector's cards (#17 and #35).

2 KISS Licensing & Merchandising Booklets (late 90s) aimed at convincing retailers to stock KISS merchandise.
1 Official KISS Merchandise catalog from the Psycho Circus era.

1 unopened KISS Kollectable PrePaid Phone Card featuring Ace Frehley from 1996.
1 KISS My Access interactive phone card from 1996.

1 still-sealed copy of the March 1999 issue of Playboy with Gene Simmons on the cover.
2 copies official Premiere Issue of KISS Psycho Circus magazine (not the comic book).
1 copy August 1996 SPIN magazine with Ace Frehley on the cover.
1 copy August 1996 Musician magazine with Gene Simmons on the cover.
1 copy Metal Edge KISS Psycho Circus tour magazine.
1 copy official Metal Edge KISS ALIVE Worldwide Tour 1996/1997 magazine.
1 copy December 1998 Metal Edge magazine with KISS on the cover.
1 copy KISS Rocks The World 1996-1997 Reunion Tour Magazine.
1 copy First Issue Marvel Comics KISS Nation magazine/comic book.
1 copy Guitar World KISS magazine featuring articles and transcribed songs.
1 copy October 1998 Raygun magazine with KISS on the cover.
1 Go Figure magazine (mag about action figures) with Gene Simmons on the cover.

1 copy VHS KISS Detroit Cobo Hall 1976 concert.
1 copy VHS KISS Konfidential from 1993.
1 copy VHS KISS X-Treme Close-Up from 1992.
1 copy VHS KISS The Second Coming, 2 tape set with booklet.

Whoo! Aw-right! That's everything.

If you submit your entry soon enough, it may be possible to get you the merch in time for a last-minute KISSmas gift. You know your man is workin' hard, he's worth a 250-word essay (it can also be fewer than 250 words).

Can you believe this offer? Am I great or what? Almost as great as Gene Simmons thinks he is.

Why are you still reading this? Get to work! And good luck, KISSfan!

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