Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Peter Criss – Makeup to Breakup

By Jeb Wright |

Rating: B

Peter Criss, aka the Catman, founding member of Kiss, has told it all in his latest book Makeup to Breakup (Scribner). From revealing Gene Simmons problems with herpes to Paul Stanley’s feminine tendencies to Ace Frehley’s love of masturbation, Criss lays it all on the line.

Criss is not just up front and brutally honest about his band mates though, as he tells how he was a chronic adulterer, a total drug addict and spent most of his fortune on numerous occasions. He also speaks in-depth about a near suicide attempt.

This book is incredibly honest, told from the gruff New York attitude that is engrained into Criss’ psyche. In the book he admits to a game of grabbing Ace’s penis, and visa versa, laying his erect member on Gene Simmons shoulder (no wonder he got kicked out of the band!) and how bitter he felt to be invited back in the band but only as hired gun who was paid less than a replacement player.

The book is far from complaining and bitching, however. Criss gives his life story, from his earliest memories to the current day. He talks about what he has learned along the way and where he is at today, physically, mentally and spiritually.

While the Kisstory is fascinating in its own right, the meat and potatoes of the book come from his life after Kiss where he faces fatherhood, being a husband and living with the train wreck life that being rock star gave him.

This one is must read as it will keep you on edge. And to think, all of this came from that guy in the cat makeup…amazing