Sunday, November 25, 2012

KISS by Monster Mini Golf Buys Eric Carr's Porsche Car

KISS by Monster Mini Golf

In Memory of Eric Carr...KISS by Monster Mini Golf Vegas, are proud to have added yet another piece of KISStory to our ever growing museum. We purchased Eric's Porsche (a gift from KISS upon signing) from Eric's wonderful sister Loretta. KISS' gift to Eric is now on display at KISS by Monster Mini Golf.

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Joe said...

WOW--I knew Eric and actually drove this car (if it is the car) . Eric liked to frequent the club in Bayside Queens called Camouflage on Bell Blvd. He loved the car and would park it outside, sometimes double parked or near fire hydrants to keep it sight of the bouncers. Sometimes when the traffic cops came around we would have to move it. I remember it being a silver frost color almost white like a snowball --not grey but the car WAS FAST then again it was the only Porsche I ever drove till this day. From what I remember the car was originally owned and registered to Genes corporation "Rock Steady Productions" and became Eric's after he signed some contracts, performance rights and original music over to KISS. From what I remember he was NEVER a member of KISS, only a hired gun working for a salary. Eric was a very humble "hangout" guy that just enjoyed playing and didn't really care about the $$ business end of things I lived in Ridgewood Queens at the time.

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