Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bruce Kulick To Guest On New 'Avantasia' Album

Ex-KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK has been in the studio recently to record some lead guitar tracks for the forthcoming Rock Opera of Tobias Sammet‘s AVANTASIA project, due in March 2013.

The pair are hardly strangers as Bruce appeared on the previous Avantasia album, while Tobias sang guest vocals on Bruce‘s last solo album BK3.

Tobias says: "Bruce and I have been friends for some years now, he is a lovely person and an amazing guitarist. It was really obvious I would ask him to come on-board for Avantasia once again. Two of the tracks he plays on are more than 10 minutes long, and they include screaming and whammy-bar driven stuff as well as anthemic MEAT LOAF-ish type melodies. I love it because it's got such an old school quality, and Bruce just has it! Class act!"

In live news, Avantasia has announced that Tobias Sammet’s tour management is currently working on a headlining indoor tour for the band in April. They will also play a few chosen summer festivals, and a South American and Asian tour is planned for late summer.