Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walton & Johnson Ditch KISS Interview

Walton & Johnson

Listen to these morning radio show hosts from the Houston radio show "Walton & Johnson" hang-up on Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer of KISS.

Radio people are radio people for a reason.


Buffmuffin said...

LOL you were a douche and they hung up on you. I dont blame them

fufufu said...

thumbs up buffmuffin

im from texas & i do listen to w&j, more often thn not they are closed minded idiots but it is a good/funny show, (to each their own) thats why theyve been on for 30yrs. i heard puals interview the day of & several times after (just to make sure i heard it right & im not over reacting) & what i have to say about that is "Paul is a rude c**ksucker" & i will never buy or even listen to another KISS album, thats not a big deal, i know. ive never a big fan of KISS anyway just a comic book band w/a couple of hits (thank you steven tylr, perfectly said) i have 4 of their albums bc i do like gene. im not sticking up for w&j but instead of hanging up on him they should have told him off more.
& to all the KISS c**k riders & fanboys keep it to youselves im not going to read what you type. im 30yrs old & ive never posted anything on any forum but i just HAD to say to KISS more specifically to paul stanley on behalf of all texans F**K YOU, YOU IGNORANT, ARROGANT, RETARDED PRICK. KISS can KISS my f**king ass

Anonymous said...

You people should learn a little more about Kiss and what they stand for before you make judgement - even if you dont like their music. They highly support our military and many other charity organizations, you can actually take kids to see them because they are not fouled mouthed like you people that are making comments - wow what language - you really are not intelligent enough to give feedback without using the words you choose? These radio guys, whom I have never heard of, should be a little more informed of what is going on around them and not just what is on paper in front of them to say each day. They really sound like uninformed morons to me, but hey thats just my opinion - maybe they are funny since I have never heard them. I thought they sounded condescending towards Paul Stanley the moment the conversation started and I dont blame Paul for standing up for Kiss and calling them out on their ignorance. I know alot of people from Texas and I am surprised at the attitude of all of you, including the radio hosts - people I know from Texas are fairly intelligent, nice down to earth people - where did you people come from and would you talk to your mother like that???

Anonymous said...

F*cking Cowboy Hillbilles.

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