Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Making A Monster" - "Monster" Song Comments From KISS

Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric discuss "Monster" songs in the KISS Monster Deluxe Edition CD + exclusive 64 page magazine.


The first song on your album should be a battle cry, encapsulating all that people will get the disk. I have always maintained that the obstacles are what you see when lose sight of your goals. If you know where you're going, don't you see what is in your path. That sums it up well. One way or another, I'm going to get what I want. -Paul


Tommy came the music, and to me the lyrics and melody. You have Gene singing a song that fits you like a glove, but that had a lot to do with people to its around. It has a lot to do with a fusion of those good environments or musical riffs that are the foundation of everything that the bands you see when Miss look back, angular pieces. There are certain bands and discs without which none of us would be here. -Paul

I always had the title, but I started to talk about the genius of "Helter Skelter", the way in which enters the voice and the bass and drums fit. That was the template, forming tension in different ways instead of using the battery. It happened very fast. The original lyrics were sobrela Torrede Babel or when the walls of Jericho came down... did you know that it was the sound of the trumpets what caused it? -Gene


It has to do with keeping your integrity, your self-identity. It is a sentiment that is timeless, to be proud of who you are. I swear loyalty to the State of independence. -Paul


This song was composed in the Studio while we were playing and trying to create another song. It's what we breathe, it is what we eat... that is what we are. We are a rock band with two guitars, a bass and a drum. -Paul

Eric made allusion to a kind of relentless energy. I started to flirt on the primitive that sounded with the letter and I am a type outdated in what refers to the technology. 'I'm going to go back to where you come from, to where you belong.' Just stop making beeps and type text for a minute to climb to the top of the mountain. -Gene

I got to think differently about an idea they had, I helped them see it from another point of view. Originally, they wanted to make it more quickly, but I suggested making it heavy, more Neanderthal, and slow down the. -Eric


"When I was young he spent every Friday and Saturday night at the Fillmore and 'Shout Mercy' has that kind of passion and urgency that made so many bands I saw so relentless and powerful." That music and how it made me feel is in my blood and I do what I do. Now we are in a position better to enjoy everything from which we proceed. -Paul


What I say in the letter is that you're always in danger of falling. When you do not listen to people looking for you, it is really a long way down. -Paul


The Tommy wah was one of those ingredients that added the icing to the cake. And we've always loved the cowbell, since our early days. I like the idea of starting with an impronptu of the vocal chorus warming. -Paul


That's my job. The song became quite finished, then I wrote the letter after all. Paul was saying, ' do you do a song type God Of Thunder? It is big and dark '. He suggested a song about the devil and wine with this, that personalized for me and resonated with me. It has to do with blaming people for your defects, when in fact it is fault of yours. For better or for worse, these are my decisions. -Gene

This song was great for Gene. In the letter, wanted something that personified the character that everyone can identify with him, but everyone has the devil inside. I am the master of my destiny... - Paul


I always thought that the band is at its best when the world gets its merit. Individual efforts are not merit anything; only make the Group stronger. Part of the great tradition of KISS is displayed to each Member. We have four very strong musical personalities that can keep themselves vocally. It was a great song for it him. -Paul

I am the Spaceman. This song is going to get out and find a girl that you can exit Festival. I need not explain more! There is a really strong song chorus. It has to do with living life to the fullest. "'If you are ready to rock / I'm ready to roll". -Tommy


I was trying to return to the atmosphere of a song we did, 'Mr. Speed'. It is a style of a certain type of guitar riff. Eric has a voice so cool. I wanted to sing a song that would be somewhat autobiographical. I wrote it with him in mind although, at one point, I wanted to keep it. But honestly, I do not could sing it better than him. I want to honor him with a song that says who he is. -Paul

Not necessarily each phrase of the song regarding me me, but Paul knows how much I love playing the drums in a rock band. For me, the priority is music. I've gotten into it since I can remember. I'm a working person in that regard. I focus as playing the drums as a profession, there is no difference with a fireman, a teacher, or someone who works in an Office, but it is the case that I do for KISS, one of the world's greatest bands. -Eric


We started fools with these black notes, and then the chorus happened very, very quickly after that. Paul came with sexi variation. -Gene

Very honestly, (the double sexual sense) is something that has always been part of who we are in one or another degree, depending on what period of the band was. It has nothing to do with saving the whales. -Paul


I didn't know that the disc was just deflating. I wanted to go out with the same impact, vitality, danger and excitement of living with that began. It has to do with going for it. KISS has always had to do with reaching it is to think that it is possible. It has to do with celebrating life and go against setbacks for what you think. As corny as it may sound, that led me to where I am, and the detractors will have to live where are. -Paul

We offer authenticity. We are the real thing. We are not karaoke singers. Every show, every song, every day, must be treated as the only chance you will ever have. We have always tried to shake the heavens and do something big. Always try to brand goal at discount time. If you're going to win, win big. If you're going to lose, lose gloriously. Pride is an important word to us. We aspire to during those few hours, bring to our fans to the Church of rock and roll, the electric Church. -Gene