Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KISS Kruise II Sails Today: Off To Cozumel

Thank you for your patience while we finalize our options. We hope that everyone is making their way to Miami safely and with as little delay as possible. We realize that our guests along the East Coast face the biggest challenge and have arranged the following changes to allow those impacted the best opportunity to join us in Miami or along our itinerary.

Our new departure time from Miami will be Wednesday at 5:00pm EST and we will sail to Cozumel, Mexico. We'll arrive in Cozumel on Friday at 11:00am EST and depart Cozumel at 5:00pm EST. (If you are Kruising with us, please note that you must be on the ship no later than 4pm EST on 10/31.)

If your travel plans have been impacted, please contact Sixthman with your flight info so we can monitor your travel tomorrow. If for some reason, your best opportunity is to join us in Cozumel, then your airline should work with you to get you there. Only guests with passports will be able to fly to Cozumel. We will work with any guests who join us in Cozumel to reschedule any potential KISS concert or photo with KISS conflicts.

Hopefully, we'll see the whole KISS Navy in Miami and if not, in Cozumel!