Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tommy Thayer Interview | Christopher Lee

Photos by: Brian Lowe, Steve Jennings, Al Soluri, Scott Legato, Hab Haddad, © KISS Catalog Ltd.

It's not everyday, more like every "100,000 Years" that Crypt Magazine gets a chance to interview a member of one of rock n' roll's most legendary and enduring acts, so when we were granted such an oppurtunity, we wasted no time! HERE is an exclusive interview with none other than Tommy Thayer of "the hottest band in the world" KISS where the loquacious Christopher Lee got the inside scoop on what drove the band to make such a "Monster" as the upcoming 20th studio album due in October! It's "All For The Love Of Rock & Roll"! What can we say, we risk life and limb, working day and night to bring you quality music journalism that the other's can't, won't, or just plain don't, and Chris Lee think's he's "Goin' Blind"!

Crypt: Good morning Tommy!

Tommy: Good morning...

Crypt: Where are on planet earth are you? New York?

Tommy: No, we are in Philadelphia still.

Crypt: So when did the KISS/Motley Crue tour end, a few days ago?

Tommy: No, no, we are still finishing it actually, we have 3 more shows in America this weekend, tonight, tomorrow, and the next date. And then uh, we have a few days off then we go down to Mexico and do one show with them in Mexico city, and then play Monterey, Mexico on our own a night or two later, and then thats it for the KISS/Motley tour, which has gone by so fast it surprises us how fast it went.

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