Wednesday, August 22, 2012

KISS Says The Music Business 'In Shambles' When Debuting Their New Book | Photo: Phyllis Pollack

Kiss debuted their new Monster Book in Los Angeles today at the Viper Room for members of the media. The band arrived without their make-up on.

Over three feet high, it is the largest rock and roll book ever printed, and the priciest, at $2495.00 per book. “It’s not for everyone,” said Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, noting the price.
View slideshow: Kiss shows off the Kiss Monster Book at a press conference on August 21, 2012

The band contended that it weighs about 40 pounds.

Simmons explained that it wouldn’t be fair to the people who paid so much money for the book to do a less expensive, smaller version of it later.

Quipped Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley, “Someone should have gotten my joke about Kiss midgets.”

“We understand it’s not for everybody,” noted Stanley. “But it wouldn’t be fair to the people that can afford it, and who will appreciate it, to not put it out. It’s something that is for a select few.”

The band said that quality was the reason why they went for a high-end book.

“If we didn’t make it so high end, we would be compromising it,” said Stanley. “Part of what makes this book special is the quality of it, and the size.”

Simmons said he had momentarily considered shipping the book in an anvil case with the Kiss logo.

Each copy was hand stitched-and-bound in Italy, by the same binder used by The Vatican.

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