Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gene Simmons: "The Band Is More Focused Than Ever." / Photo: Scott Sharpe

Gene Simmons recently spoke with RollingStone magazine about KISS and their new album "Monster" that is due out in October.

Gene: "The band is more focused than ever. The weather looks great for the band - reinvigorated, redefined, refocused and reborn." "If this was a first record by a new band, I'd be floored," he says. "If you like guitars and drums, this is right up your alley," Simmons explains. "Which is better than right up your ass. It's relentless til the end. We're not doing thrash. We're not doing any of that stuff. It's straight meat and potatoes. No messing around. And no ballads, no string choirs, no little boys doing a cappella, no eunuchs singing background."