Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: KISS At Kollen Sommerfestival 2012 / Photo: Jørn Gjersøe, NRK P3.

Kiss did a good brand of tissues and set a solid impact at the end of the first Ski Summer Festival.

Through many years enjoyed Kiss stuck in a mud lack of creativity and originality. The band of 90 - and 2000s a few albums without impressing noteworthy. But in 2010 came a turning point yet. After a long farewell tour was a better album than ever - Sonic Boom was a breath of fresh air.

One can criticize Kiss sucks to be cynical and and just think about money, but it can not be money that drives them anymore. They have enough to buy their own tropical island and sit there for the rest of your life. But one thing they have, they always deliver on stage, and this Saturday was no exception. The band seemed more inspired than yours truly has seen them before, and it is clear that they are experiencing a revival as a group.

The concert in Oslo is not part of a larger tour, but can be regarded as a warm summer's planned tour of the United States with Mötley Crüe. Probably used the opportunity to warm up to this summer's kompistur and opened with the classic "Detroit Rock City," "Shout It Out Loud" and "Deuce" and with the audience wooings both within and between songs glide elegantly over in "Making Love".

Kiss has never acted on just the show or just music - it is a synthesis one must take both parts of. And when they also have songs from three different decades, "Crazy Nights" is a good example, it is undeniably impressive impressive.

The voice of Paul is not what it once was, but then do not try Kiss to cover it up with the playback of any form or pre-recorded vocal tracks. The band also does the iron without embarrassment and fired more pyro than the average Norwegian municipality on New Year's Eve.

Tommy Thayer has vocals on "Shock Me" and together with Eric Singer has been a good addition to the musical community.

We get all the usual ingredients with blood spewing Gene, rocket shooting Tommy and even basooka-shooting Eric. Paul can still throw with the microphone, but misses on the first try and it looks undeniably a bit geriatric when he is down and pick up in the plateau shoes.

There are a few slightly dull solo parts that pull down and a bit slow introduction to "Black Diamond", so that Gene has time to get hung up on the bat wing that had fallen off. Additional numbers are a kind of potpourri of "Lick It Up", with a tendency towards improvisation that just makes the song any worse, "I Was Made For Lovin 'You", where Paul shows that he has realized his limitations as a vocalist and "Rock N' Roll All Night (And Party Every Day) ".

We end in a sea of white confetti that makes the area to look like any other jump-Saturday, before the destruction of the piggy-backing Paul guitar. Worth noting is that neither the band hit single "Modern Day Delilah" from the last album or the hymn "God Gift Rock n 'Roll To You", which they let seep out of the speakers at the concert ends.

All in all it was a solid strike that put the last sentence of the first Ski Festival.