Friday, June 29, 2012

Gene Simmons Predicts The End Of KISS...At Least As Fans Know Them / Photo: AP

Kiss Gene Simmons-veteran (62) considering to find four young men who can take over for the band after the next tour.

The big question is the what to do when the tour is over. It may be necessary to put down the band and find four new young men who can go up on stage and wear crowns our Simmons said by phone to VG.

The band puts Norway in question soon on a two-year tour and launching new studio album, "Monster," this fall. Then it may be necessary to find the heirs, and arrange a "Kiss Idol".

So you think that someone can fill their shoes?

They will probably not be able to do it just like us, but the idea of Kiss is greater than the band. Kiss is iconic and just as much a brand as a band, says Simmons.

When Kiss is on stage at the Ski Fest, there are 11 time they visit Norway. Norway has a special place in your heart.

Norway Friends

Everyone thinks they know what passion is. The truth is that those who have not experienced to see the Norwegian audiences jumping in their chairs, do not know what real passion is. Norway is unique, and we will make lightning and thunder. It will be a special show for Oslo, since it is always daylight there. The sun goes never down, Simmons laughs and explains that they will be using colored smoke for the occasion.

No fly should move low over the city that night. Our fireworks will go 3-400 meters up. Those who do not want loud, you should stay away. But those who want their life experience, to take the trip, 62-year-old locks on the phone from the United States.

Kiss has since its inception nearly 40 years ago, sold over 100 million records. Simmons boasts that the band's painted face is the most famous in the world, and is proud of having a big ego.

Live large

My philosophy is quite simple. Let's say that God gave us only one day to live. Would you then sit and watch TV while waiting to die, or would you live big - big love? I live each day as it is the only one, and I never regret anything. On my tombstone it should say: "Thank you and good night."

KISS launches new studio album, "Monster," this fall. The first single is the song "Hell Or Hallelujah."