Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gene Simmons Meets His ‘Other Children


This episode of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ kicks off with Gene and Shannon in Zambia continuing their honeymoon. Gene seems clueless as to the fact that the two of them are heading out to meet some of his sponsored children. Shannon has been making the plans behind his back.

In Los Angeles, Tracy decides to go forth with having another child via her frozen embryo.

Shannon brings Gene to a child fund, where it finally clicks with him. “You planned this?” he asks. Once they arrive she drops the bomb; they’re meeting his ”other” children. It appears he was never expecting it.

Gene is introduced to the children and witnesses how they live. They give gifts, one item being a soccer ball, with which Gene plays a little. When visiting a school, the car is instantly swarmed by happy children. They meet Mr. Ngoma, the headmaster. Gene inquires about the living and eating situations of the children that attend. When he finds out they walk miles to school on empty stomachs, he offers to pay for the food. Back at the hotel room, they discuss taking care of the children in Zambia.

In Beverly Hills, Sophie is surprised when Nick, her boyfriend, shows up with Nick, her brother. She wasn’t expecting him for weeks.

Gene and Shannon head out to another school and meet more children. Naturally, they shower the students with much needed gifts: various school supplies. Needless to say, they are elated. Shannon’s hopes are that Gene’s feeling towards the children in Zambia will continue long term.

Sophie and the Nicks go out for lunch, where her boyfriend expresses that he’s “gotten Sophie a surprise,” but he cannot tell her brother what it is just yet, saying “it’s like a 12-year to 15-year commitment.” The two of them seem to get along immensely well.

Gene and Shannon head to a village where they meet one of the actual children Gene sponsors, Ester. The little girl lost her father and just recently her mother. She wants to be a nurse but there is no money for school.

The Nicks go to an interactive, indoor snowboarding arena. Nick, Sophie’s brother, has never been on a snowboard before and proves to have difficulties. Afterwards, the two of them leave to pick up Sophie’s surprise, which turns out to be a puppy. Sophie is touched.

At night in Zambia, Gene and Shannon are looking over the gifts they were given. Shannon asks if the experience has changed his mind about adoption. The two have a little fight regarding Gene’s initial distaste for an idea until it occurs: marriage, kids, Israel, Africa, etc. As history shows, he usually turns out enjoying it.

The next day, Gene receives an email from Sophie, saying, “Of all the things you do, this makes me the most proud of you.” He appears deeply moved. The two then visit another school, where the children sing a song as a welcoming. Gene loves that music is such a giant part of each and every school/village they have visited. When leaving, he asks to go back to one more village and to speak to the child fund counselors about scholarship programs.

The village they visit again is the one in which Ester lives. Gene says that if Ester passes her upcoming test, he will pay every single school expense.

Gene is now sponsoring over 1,200 African children.

Next week’s special one-hour episode focuses more on adoption as well as Tracy’s attempt to tell her daughter of her decision.