Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gene Simmons Comes To Mexico by Google

It's a fact: Gene Simmons will visit on July 14 in Aguascalientes, as it is the special guest at the "Tribute to Kiss Symphony" will offer the Mexican group AX'S and the Symphony Orchestra of Aguascalientes under the baton of Román Revueltas Isla San Marcos in this town. Also during this great party will be an exhibition and sale of memorabilia from the New York quartet.

Adriana Chavez Show Business Company representative, event organizer, said the details of the presence of Gene Simmons in this great show:

"It all started when the AX'S tribute band called us to offer a symphony concert and promote it. Then as a company we said, 'Can you imagine if one of the members of Kiss came to the show?' but it was only a comment on the air without itself would imagine that one of them, but never thought Gene Simmons himself. "

As a businessman, Gene Simmons is an extremely busy, especially his tour with Kiss and the upcoming release of his new album "Monster" and its "Family Jewels".

Adriana Chavez explained that the negotiations to work out the details was almost three months: "The first contact was delivering the material of the tribute band AX'S. It is important to note that the world may have many bands tribute to Kiss, but do not touch the concert symphonic. We believed in the project because we felt very new. Rodrigo Acuña, founder of Kiss Army Mexico was a fundamental part of the negotiation, since he is the person authorized to market the image of Gene Simmons in Mexico. "

The history of Kiss symphony came in 2003 when it planned to release a live album, but its leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley decided to travel to Australia and give a bonus to fans, what better than doing a concert together a symphony orchestra, which in this case was that of Melbourne.

Our informant, Adriana Chavez, Gene Simmons says the band falls squarely AX'S Mexican. "Yes, he knows he has a musical quality. First Gene had to give recognition, and before he was given a lot of material on video, information, pictures ... The negotiation lasted three months in what he was studying the project and authorized it. "

For Adriana Chavez this "Symphonic Tribute to Kiss" is quite an achievement, because not every day presents an original show of this magnitude: "Especially since every time Gene Simmons is worth much money. Arrive the same day, will serve the fans, take photos and give autographs. be presented at the concert and leave the same day. Not that I have in a hurry, just that was the agreement by the importance of character. "

The truth is that demand has been excellent, although there are still places available. Adriana Chavez invites us to go to the show: "La Isla San Marcos is a beautiful place with 10.000 points for the concert. People from throughout the Republic and we have sold access to fans of San Cristobal, Veracruz, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Zacatecas, and of course Mexico City, to name a few. I invite you to come, will be an event to see Gene Simmons singing and playing with the band and orchestra. There will also be VIP passes to meet Gene Simmons in person. "

It is noteworthy that for the "Tribute to Kiss Symphony" will open doors at six in the afternoon. In this way the public will enjoy the exhibition and sale items Kiss memorabilia and last but not least also raffled among those attending low ax autographed by Gene Simmons himself, which has a market value of five thousand flycatchers, and collectors know that after the concert worth much more.

On the idea of making "Symphonic Tribute to Kiss" in Aguascalientes, the organizer of the event ended: "I think it takes international events held in our state, and we are very well placed geographically for everyone to move, because we are in the center the country. addition is another air, an excellent opportunity to take vacations. It will be a party and know that Kiss fans across the country that only known on Facebook here they will find. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticketportal . ".