Saturday, February 18, 2012

Five Page Preview Of "Archie Meets KISS" Issue Four

Last month in our preview of the third installment of ‘Kiss Meets Archie,’ Archie had been turned into a zombie and it was up to Kiss to save the day. Which, of course, they did! This time around, it looks like Kiss are the ones in trouble — will they be OK?

Kiss arrive in Riverdale ready to battle evil with the immortal power of rock music — and that’s exactly what they do, hitting the stage and busting out a version of ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ for their newest fans. But things quickly turn ugly as some uninvited guests show up at the gig. Is the party over, or will Kiss survive to rock another day?

Go ahead and read more about the ‘Archie Meets Kiss’ project here, and then enjoy our preview into the latest issue of this four-part tale. ‘Archie Meets Kiss’ issue four hits comic book store shelves on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

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