Monday, February 27, 2012

Abe Lincoln In KISS Make-Up?

                                              BERNARD SCHOENBURG / The State Journal-Register

The administrative offices of the Prairie Capital Convention Center are open once again, sporting a new look after renovation and adorned by reminders of past shows -- including four framed depictions of Abraham Lincoln wearing KISS makeup.

Each of the pictures, displayed just behind the front desk that greets visitors to the second-floor office suite, is signed by a member of KISS, which appeared at the Center in July.

Already, inner offices are adorned with posters from past events. Brian Oaks, general manager of the PCCC, said more decorating will be done with autographed guitars and concert posters.

“Part of what we want to do instead of using more traditional artwork is use all those pieces of memorabilia,” Oaks said.

The idea of making posters of Lincoln with Kiss makeup came from Jenny Vaughn, the convention center’s box office manager. Two sets were put together using photo technology by Kathy Alcorn, former concessions manager, Oaks said.

“Gene Simmons is a big history buff,” Oaks said of the KISS vocalist and bass player. When Simmons saw the pictures in the dressing room, Oaks said, “He loved ’em.”

Oaks said band members plan to donate the second set to raise money for a charity that helps veterans.