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Nebraska Lottery KISS Second-Chance Contest

 Nebraska knows there is a part of you that wants to Rock and Roll All Night, and maybe even Party Every Day. That part may be way down, deep inside of you, but it’s just aching to come out and play.

Nurture your inner-rock star by playing the Nebraska Lottery’s $5 KISS Scratch Game. Each time you scratch, you have a chance at winning the top prize of $50,000. And if you don’t scratch a winner, we’ll give you an encore chance at fame and fortune. Just enter the KISS Second-Chance Giveaway.

Nebraska Lottery MVP Club Members may enter two non-winning $5 KISS Scratch tickets for a chance to win one of two Grand Prize trips to Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles, California, and other prizes.

Tickets may be entered online from August 26, 2011, to October 31, 2011.
  • Grand Prize: Paid enrollment for one individual to attend Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles, California, November 10-13, 2011, featuring Paul Stanley of KISS. Package includes camp registration, flight, hotel and $1,000 spending cash. Prize also includes a compact disc copy of Destroyer by KISS;
  • Second Prize: $1,000 cash and a compact disc copy of Destroyer by KISS; and
  • Third Prize: $500 cash and a compact disc copy of Destroyer by KISS
View more info HERE.

    New Nebraska Lottery Tickets Featuring KISS

    Here is a photo of the new Nebraska Lottery tickets featuring KISS - in stores now.

    Thanks to Dallas Thelen for sending KISSopolis this photo.

    Gene Simmons And Family Attend Taylor Swift Concert

    Gene Simmons and his family attended a Taylor Swift concert on Saturday, August 27th. Gene tweets:

    A few nights ago, Nick, Soph, Shannon, Emily Fields, myself and a host of others piled into two cars and went to see Taylor Swift at Staples, LA. A terrific show. Taylor's a legit star. Of course Soph was busy twitting with everyone, including Taylor. The Mom and Dad Swift were more than kind and charming to us during the show and backstage. Thank you.

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Sebastian Bach Loses KISS Memorabilia To Hurricane Irene

    Original SKID ROW lead singer Sebastian Bach (and huge KISS fan) has posted on his facebook fan page that Hurricane Irene destroyed his house this past weekend - along with some of his favorite KISS collectibles. Sebastian writes on his facebook page:

    "I am numb, in shock, and devastated to report that my home of 21 years, my house featured on MTV Cribs, has been destroyed, condemned, and deemed uninhabitable due to the extreme flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene. In the two decades I have lived in this home, there has never been a single drop of water in the basement or anywhere else in the structure. Now Irene has overflowed the reservoir adjacent...

    Somewhere under this water is a KISS pinball machine and two gargoyles from the Dynasty tour. If you see them floating past your house, they're mine. Or at least they were :("

    Sebastian also tweeted about the ordeal, adding:

    "Every day at my house used to be a KISS party.. Now we can have a KISS party if you bring over some scuba gear:( new meaning to the term "when it rains, it pours". There is one less KISS Sleeping Bag on the planet earth now :("

    Today In KISStory 1980

    Today In KISStory: August 29, 1980: First European show of the 'Unmasked' tour takes place in Rome, Italy.

    Set list:

    Detroit Rock City
    Cold Gin
    Calling Dr. Love
    Is That You?
    Talk to Me
    You're All That I Want
    2,000 Man
    Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
    I Was Made for Lovin' You
    New York Groove
    Love Gun
    Gene Simmons Bass Solo
    God of Thunder
    Eric Carr Drum Solo - reprise
    Rock and Roll All Nite
    Shout It Out Loud
    King of the Night Time World
    Black Diamond

    Bill McManus of McManus Enterprises: "When we did the outdoor show at Castel Sant'Angelo, we were testing the sound system and the pyro during "God of Thunder." I remember a figure in white robes coming out on a third floor balcony about 150 yards away and looking at us and listening, seeing the columns of flames and shaking his head before finally going inside. Later that night, I mentioned this to one of the local interpreters, and he said that it was the Pope's residence and that it was probably the Pope looking at our rehearsal. I thought that was pretty heavy."

    Wardrobe Manger Pixie Esmonde: "There is an escape route from the Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo so if the Vatican was ever stormed, the Pope could escape through an underground route. There is a giant stone wall behind the stage, and the way the lights were set up, it projected KISS's figures in giant shadow on the wall. The shadow effect was dramatic because it was dark, it was outdoors, and it was stark with the only lights being whatever little lights the audience might have had. When Gene went up to do his blood routine, his figure was cast upon the wall, and it looked like the devil was reflected on the walls of Castel Sant'Angelo and the surrounding rock. In the background, you could see the Vatican and it was as if 'the devil takes the Vatican.' You can't buy that kind of effect; it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. The show was just electric."

    The beginning of "New York Groove" was extended much longer than usual, due to difficulties with Ace's guitar.

    Show: Roma, Italy
    Venue: Castel Sant'Angelo
    Opening Act: Iron Maiden
    Attendance: 15,500
    Promoters: Francesco Sanavo, David Zard
    Archived: Audio

    *Info from 'KISS Alive Forever'

    KISS Navy Logo For KISS Kruise

    Here's a first look at the new KISS Navy logo designed for the upcoming KISS Kruise. The KISS Navy logo was created by Doug Cataldo with direction from Paul Stanley.

    The only way to become a member of the exclusive KISS Navy is to join the band on the KISS Kruise this October.

    KISS Kruise: Wet, Wild, & Rockin’ , your BEST vacation yet! Check out EVERYTHING that is included in the price of a cabin: A KISS indoor rock show, an acoustic show on the Lido Deck (no makeup!), a Q&A with all 4 guys, a photo with the band (in small groups), exclusive KISS Kruise merchandise, and so much more!

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Vinnie Vincent Has Launched His New Website

    Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has launched his official website. On the site, Vinnie is selling his signature model guitars with a price range of $4500 - $12,500.

    New Eric Carr CD Coming This Fall

    A new Eric Carr CD will be coming out this fall featuring 18 tracks. The CD will feature also guest performers like AJ Pero, Twisted Sister, Seether, Z02, Europe, and Bruce Kulick. It will be availably digitally and in Best Buy and Walmart.

    Some new merchandise will come out as well: drumsticks, and a full make-up lithograph.

    KISS On Cover Of Nocturna Mexican Magazine

    KISS is featured on the cover of the August 2011 issue of 'Nocturna' Mexican magazine. There is 32 pages covering details of each of the 4 original band members (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss). This issue includes the lyrics of 12 popular songs.

    Today In KISStory - 2002

    The album 'The Very Best of KISS' is released worldwide. The Very Best of Kiss is a compilation album. It contains 21 of the very best Kiss tracks, all previously released.

    Track listing

    1. "Strutter" (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons) – 3:13
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Kiss
    2. "Deuce" (Simmons) – 3:06
      • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Kiss
    3. "Got to Choose" (Stanley) – 3:56
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Hotter Than Hell
    4. "Hotter Than Hell" (Stanley) – 3:31
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Hotter Than Hell
    5. "C'mon And Love Me" (Stanley) – 2:59
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Dressed to Kill
    6. "Rock and Roll All Nite" (Stanley, Simmons) (Live) – 4:04
      • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Alive!
    7. "Detroit Rock City (Remix)" (Stanley, Bob Ezrin) – 3:39
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Destroyer
    8. "Shout It Out Loud" (Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin) – 2:50
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Destroyer
    9. "Beth" (Peter Criss, Ezrin, Stan Penridge) – 2:48
      • Lead vocals: Peter Criss
      • Originally from Destroyer
    10. "I Want You" (Stanley) – 3:06
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
    11. "Calling Dr. Love" (Simmons) – 3:46
      • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
    12. "Hard Luck Woman" (Stanley) – 3:34
      • Lead vocals: Peter Criss
      • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
    13. "I Stole Your Love" (Stanley) – 3:05
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Love Gun
    14. "Christine Sixteen" (Simmons) – 3:14
      • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Love Gun
    15. "Love Gun" (Stanley) – 3:18
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Love Gun
    16. "New York Groove" (Russ Ballard) – 3:03
      • Lead vocals: Ace Frehley
      • Originally from Ace Frehley
    17. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" (Stanley, Desmond Child, Vini Poncia) – 4:31
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Dynasty
    18. "I Love It Loud" (Vinnie Vincent, Simmons) – 4:17
      • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Creatures of the Night
    19. "Lick It Up" (Vincent, Stanley) – 3:58
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Lick It Up
    20. "Forever" (Stanley, Michael Bolton) – 3:52
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
      • Originally from Hot in the Shade
    21. "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II" (Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin, Ballard) – 5:19
      • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons
      • Originally from Revenge

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Enter The KISS Halloween Contest

    Enter for your chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas and Rock and Roll All Nite!

    Prizes include:

    Airfare, two nights at the Hard Rock, a lifetime KISS Monster Mini Golf membership, guitar autographed by the band, and a life sized KISS Casket by Eternal Image.


    10 Things You May Not Know About KISS / Craig Hlavaty

    This week, KISS mogul Gene Simmons celebrated his 62nd birthday, probably surrounded by dozens of strippers in KISS panties, swinging on KISS sex swings, while pouring wax from KISS candles onto their KISS tramp-stamp tattoos. Damn, that actually sounds kind of hot, come to think of it.

    For this weeks batch of creamy rock facts, we took on KISS, one of the most beloved bands on Earth. Houston hasn't seen any shortage of KISS in the past few years, as the band has been here about three times since 2009, with the last appearance coming at this year's RodeoHouston.

    Previously, we've been flying solo on these fact sheets, but this time around we enlisted the help of the biggest KISS fan we know, one Jarod Frank. Frank works in the radio industry, including a DJ slot over at the old 107.5 The Buzz from 1995 to 1999, when they were playing the bands we love that now influence all the bands we don't like on the station today. Now he works for CBS Radio Houston.

    Frank currently makes time with Sunsett Stripperz, an '80s hair-metal tribute band that will be at House of Blues next Friday, and a newer project, Foo Fakers, which pays tribute to the Foo Fighters. On top of all this, you can usually see him at most every big old-school metal show in town.

    We asked Frank to help us with this list, so as not to run too terribly afoul of the super-fans that KISS has amassed. For the record, our favorite KISS album is 1979's Dynasty, because it has a nasty groove you can dance to.

    View the LIST HERE.

    KISS Celebrates Gene's Birthday

    Here's KISS celebrating Gene's birthday with a cake yesterday in the studio, where the band continues recording their "Monster" album.

    Photo by Fran Stewart for KISSonline.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Old Rockers Who Have Turned Into Top Business People

    Old rockers don’t die … they start businesses.

    Some of those businesses turn into huge successes. From their antics on stage as part of bands like KISS, Van Halen and U2, to the world of product branding, fashion merchandising and investing, these rockers know how to succeed in many venues.

    Gene Simmons  
    Gene Simmons is best known for his over-the-top outfits, make-up and stage antics as lead singer for the rock band, KISS. Simmons is a success off-stage as well. His fame as a rocker certainly gives him an edge in the business of KISS-branded merchandise. There are 3,000 licensed products from condoms to caskets, said Simmons, in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. KISS branding isn’t his only business success, not by a long shot. Simmons is also the force behind Simmons Records, Moneybag clothing line and Simmons Abramson Marketing.

    Read More Here.

    New Ace Frehley Tour Date

    Ace Frehley has confirmed another tour date. Ace will perform at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, WI. on November 13, 2011. Tickets will go on Sale Friday, September 16 at 10 AM.

    Visit here for more details.

    Archie Meets KISS Gets Rather Wonderful Variant Cover

    Rich Johnston

    This is Francesco Francavilla’s variant cover (on the right) to Archie #628 with Archie Meets Kiss Part Two. I think it’s rather spectacular. I’m suddenly wondering what a Vertigo Archie comic would look like.

    And here’s the standard cover (on the left) by Dan Parent. Which, you know, isn’t bad or anything…

    View HERE.

    "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" Returns October 4th

    It will return on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. after the network originally set to return on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m.

    When the series returns, the action will pick up right where last season left off, with viewers finding out whether or not Shannon accepts the Kiss band member's long-awaited marriage proposal in the one-hour premiere.

    Last season's finale cliffhanger set record ratings for the series, drawing 3 million total viewers -- easily making it the most-watched telecast in franchise history.

    Gene Simmons: 'Lady Gaga Is The Real Thing'

    Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

    Gene Simmons refuses to hold his tongue. On Tuesday, MTV News asked the Kiss frontman who he's most looking forward to seeing at the 2011 VMAs, and he pretty much denounced all of this year's nominees, except for one. Lady Gaga.

    Gene Simmons Flirting With My Mom

    Gene Simmons has some fun with fans at Sarnia Bayfest on July 6, 2011.

    Happy Birthday Gene Simmons

    Happy Birthday to our favorite KISS member, Gene Simmons!

    Have a great day, sir!

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    KISS Tattoo

    Here's a photo of a KISS fans 'KISS Tattoo' taken in Tampa in 2009.

    Thanks to Bryan Austin for sending KISSopolis this photo.

    Why Is The KISS Army So Successful?

      The Daily Show

    Why is the KISS Army so successful in Keep Their recruits? Ed Helms of "The Daily Show" tells us!

    View the video HERE.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Top 10 Gene Simmons Performances

    In honor of his 62nd birthday on Thursday, in honor of his fire-breathing and blood-spitting antics so clearly inspired by the classic Universal horror films, in honor of the fact that he was my rock idol at an early age and I still pay lots of attention to him despite the fact that I want to muzzle him every time he opens his mouth — today’s Top 10 will pay tribute to the acting genius of Gene Simmons.

    Can I call him a childhood hero? Yes. I can also call him an egotistical sociopath. (For the record, Gene was very nice and complimented my band more than once when we played a show with KISS in 2009 — the greatest rock moment of my life? Probably. That’s me grinning like an idiot on his left shoulder. Now you see how deep the conflict runs!)

    But today we honor his work on the tube and the big screen. Just wait til you get a hold of some of these babies. In tribute to the line “No gratitude need be voiced, your mind speaks to us!” from “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park,” this Top 10 will be less talk and more rock. Or, as we call it in movie parlance, “acting.” I hope you enjoy the Top 10 Gene Simmons Performances.

    See the list HERE.

    Three Ikonic KISS Albums

    Christian doctrine teaches that God exists in three beings (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), creating a trinity otherwise known as "Godhead." Basically, all are one and none exist without the other. This is somewhat the basis for Yell!

    Magazine's Holy Trinity series. What we present here are three elements from a particular medium and/or genre within a particular medium (be it three albums from a band, a musical genre, a film director, a genre or sub-genre of film, video game franchise or developer/publisher, etc.) that must be owned, heard, viewed, or played in order for a "fan" to achieve completion. For example, if someone is a heavy metal fan, their album collection is incomplete without the eponymous Paranoid, from Black Sabbath. However, owning the latest Justin Bieber album trumps everything, making you a true fan of everything and the messiah.

    Love 'em or hate 'em, KISS' influence and bombastic impact on heavy metal and hard rock is irrefutable. Who in the civilized world isn't familiar with at least one of their songs (most likely "Rock And Roll All Nite") or can't name that band based solely on an image? And while, yes, the argument presented thus far is weak, we'll appease any naysayers, though they already know it's true, and state that:

    KISS has sold more than 100 million albums world wide; while promoting their first album much bigger bands refused to let KISS open for them for fear of being upstaged by their live show; KISS was the first band to find success with a live album (Alive!), setting the bar and ushering in a new era of music consumption; KISS are marketing giants having achieved a level of branding many strive for but few reach; KISS beat the The Beatles at Budakan, selling and performing five sold out shows while The Beatles only managed four; between 1977 and 1979 alone, KISS merchandise sales reached an estimated $100 million (do you know how much money that was in the '70s? It's about $300 million today.); KISS was the first band (and I can't name any subsequent bands) to have all members release "solo" albums simultaneously on the same day; they've released 19 studio albums (12 of which were released in their first decade of existence); in total KISS has received 42 Gold and 16 Platinum Awards in the U.S. alone.

    Plus, Dimebag Darrell is buried in a KISS Kasket. RIP.

    When it comes to a band with as extensive a history and such a deep discography as KISS', it's challenging to settle on one holy trinity. In fact, there are two holy trinities within the KISS discography, but here we'll focus on the superior of the two. Superior because these three albums are the most driven, hungry, straight-forward, and ambitious (in the sense that they feature some of the band's hardest-hitting, intense rock and roll, which at the time was classified as heavy metal and/or hard rock; the terms were interchangeable in the '70s as the genres hadn't been divided yet) KISS albums produced.

    The first album we'll address is the one that started it all, the self-titled KISS. Released on February 18, 1974, this 35-minute opus not only has one of the greatest album covers in music history (featuring all four of their sinister faces against a black background), but it also contains so many great songs, such as "Strutter" and "Deuce," that they've remained staples of KISS' live performances for more than 35 years.

    Yes, there are a couple of tracks that could be considered throw-aways, like "Love Theme From KISS" and the cover "Kissin' Time," the latter of which didn't actually appear on the original release; it was added at the insistence of then Casablanca co-founder, Neil Bogart, in an attempt to boost lackluster album sales. It worked, but KISS didn't want it on the album. The album was also panned by the critics, who wrote the band off as a joke, but when they performed their first single, "Nothin' to Loose" (a song about anal sex), on Dick Clark's In Concert, many were exposed to the phenomenal live KISS experience and then people slowly began to understand.

    Unfortunately, as great as this album is, it failed to capture the earth-shattering live essence of KISS. That would have to wait for Alive! Nonetheless, KISS remains a fan favorite, an essential to anyone's KISS kollection or classic rock collection for that matter. Many of the tracks were written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley during their pre-KISS days in Wicked Lester, some of which have the rare distinction of having co-writing credit between the two and "Love Theme From KISS" is the only song in the entire KISS catalog to give credit to all four original members.

    What makes KISS so great is its ability to straddle '50s-era rock and roll with a Beatles style and bring it into the then-modern era of heavy metal, which meant more prominent bass guitar, grittier vocals (though still perfectly harmonized), blistering guitar solos, and a lot more jazz-inspired drum fills. It's simple. It's fun. It's dark. It changed the genre. And it inspired countless musicians and bands to follow.

    Stand out tracks outside of "Strutter" and "Deuce" include: "Nothin' To Lose," "Firehouse," "Cold Gin," "100,000 Years," and "Black Diamond." Yes, that's almost the entire album - that's how good it is.

    KISS: Hotter Than Hell
    After just a few months of intense touring following the release of KISS, the tireless band returned to the studio in July to hammer out and release Hotter Than Hell on October 22, 1974. The first thing that many listeners will notice about this sophomore effort is the recording; it sounds gritty, scratchy, less than perfect. This wasn't a mistake as KISS was intend on capturing their live sound.

    Despite some of KISS' best material and displays of their best musicianship, Hotter Than Hell didn't capture the public's attention as they had hoped - in fact, the album was a bigger flop than their debut. Many owe this to the fact that their label, Casablanca, lost its distribution deal with Warner Bros. and, thus, lost out on backing.

    Some say that KISS hadn't grown musically, and that may be true, or that Hotter Than Hell doesn't offer anything that hadn't already been heard on KISS, but this is decidedly a darker, gloomier, heavier, grittier, raunchier album than its predecessor. However, the "outro" provided at the end of KISS' final track, "Black Diamond," does seem to foretell the vibe that would appear on Hotter.

    Why the slight shift in sound? It might be because KISS had to relocate to California to record it and though you might think that would give them a sunny disposition, they were New Yorkers and pissed to be out of their element. Sure, there are some lighter rock-and-roll-feel-good tracks ("Got To Choose," "Hotter Than Hell," Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll," "All The Way," and "Comin' Home"), but many of these tracks feel slower than they should be, deal with less-than-honorable subject matter, and sound tuned down.

    Also, a good listen to the rest of the album will show an attentive ear that a number of the tracks served as precursors for speed metal ("Parasite"), the glam-metal ballad ("Goin' Blind"), goth metal ("Strange Ways"), and grunge ("Watching' You" - though that might be a stretch).

    Much of the material on Hotter Than Hell was written while in the studio or shortly before sessions began. Only a few of the tracks - namely, "Goin' Blind" and "Watchin' You" were carry overs from the Wicked Lester days. Unlike the preceding album, there are no throw-aways on Hotter Than Hell, but here's a rundown of some of the more memorable gems:

    "Got To Chose" is a nice opener to the album; it's the one that sounds a bit too slow, but the harmony and bass line are fantastic, and Gene truly carries this number that sets the stage for the ferocity that is "Parasite."

    "Parasite" is by far the heaviest track on the album and is quite possibly the heaviest track KISS ever recorded (excluding the majority of what appears on Carnival of Souls). The main riff is so simple that any hack on the guitar can play it, but it's powerful. Peter Criss also peaks as a drummer on this one and Gene's vocals are nothing short of fierce.

    The title track, "Hotter Than Hell," is one of those that gets into your bones. Great riffs, great solos, great back beat, great vocals, great story. Pure KISS. Pure genius.

    "Watchin' You" is a groovy number with precursor Iron Maiden-esque dueling guitars, question and answer solos between Ace and Paul, some required '70s era cowbell, and great bass fills from Gene.

    "Strange Ways," written by Frehley and sung by Criss, is another heavy track. Slow and methodic, it's the type of song that'll make you change the way you walk. It also features one of Ace's best guitar solos.

    KISS: Dressed To Kill
    Dressed To Kill is the best album in the holy trinity - if not the best KISS album. Yes, it has the song that everybody in the world knows, "Rock And Roll All Nite," but that is hardly why this is a great album.

    Released on March 19, 1975, just five months after Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill was yet another album that flopped in the eyes of the public, that is, until the live version of "Rock And Roll All Nite" (charting at Number 12) from Alive! was released later that year. While Neil Bogart was the first to recognize that KISS needed an anthem, and Gene and Paul obliged by putting together two songs that they'd been working on independently, "Rock And Roll All Nite" is KISS' "Stairway to Heaven" - the song everyone knows and is tired of hearing. Since its release, this song has closed most every KISS concert and appears on all best of compilations and live albums.

    Behind the scenes there was some considerable duplicitous infighting between the label, management, and producers, which resulted in Neil Bogart (struggling Casablanca label owner) becoming the new producer. This might answer some fans concerns regarding KISS' departure from a more "metal" sound to one with a lot more pop in it, however, they still maintained their '50s-era rock and roll sound and Beatle-like harmony. With major labels showing interest in the band, not for moving products (the previous two albums weren't moving off the shelves) but for a must-see live performance, Bogart needed to try something different with KISS' sound if he wanted to keep them on his sinking label.

    OK, Dressed To Kill has the greatest back cover in history and, once again, it's just simplicity; it's the negative of the photo on the front cover. Musically, there are a few surprises. First, Gene and his bass carry this album; without it, it would sound like shit. Ace is tight throughout, even on KISS' first acoustic solo introducing "Rock Bottom." And Peter Criss never sounded as good vocally as he does on "Getaway." And while the album is fairly pop-oriented, "She" comes out of no where with heavy riffs, blistering solos, great vocals, and awesome lyrics like "The power's all within her as she takes off her clothes."

    Again, there are no throw-away tracks on this album (except "Rock And Roll All Nite," but KISS understandably needed this song at the time - and it's good, so it belongs), but the songs to pay attention to are: "Room Service," "Getaway," "Rock Bottom," "C'mon And Love Me," and "She."

    KISS This
    Just think that all this was accomplished with an uncompromising attitude, a belief in your greatness, and 13 months.

    Ace Frehley Says His IQ Is Higher Than Paul Stanley's

    Original KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley recently admitted in an interview with 'The Morton Report' that his IQ was much higher than Paul Stanley's, and that he tried to tell Gene and Paul that making "The Elder" was a bad idea.

    Frehley states:

    “I had an argument with Gene and Paul, who said that because they write most of the material, I wasn’t very bright. I said, ‘You’d be surprised how bright I am.’

    “I bought these IQ tests and Paul and I took them. There was no fooling around – we timed it and went by the rules.

    “Paul’s IQ is 140, which is very good, near genius. Mine is 164, which is genius. I always knew I was brighter than the next kid; I was just bored.”

    “Paul and Gene never wanted to give me credit,” he maintains. “I can’t remember them ever saying, ‘Wow, that was a great solo,’ about some of the classic guitar solos.

    “I told them from the outset the Elder album was a huge mistake, and they didn’t listen to me. I knew we needed to do something heavy and powerful at that point in time. I was really frustrated doing that project.”

    Ace Frehley's memoir "No Regrets" comes out on November 1, 2011.

    Are You Ready To Rock ’N’ Roll All Night On A KISS Kruise?

    On the seas
    Passengers can rock ’n’ roll all night on a KISS Kruise scheduled for Carnival Cruise Lines’ Destiny from Oct. 13 to 17. The legendary and flamboyant rock band KISS will perform one outdoor show – without their trademark makeup – plus one indoor show on the sailing from Miami to two ports in the Bahamas. Other activities include a question and answer session with the band, a photo opportunity and a Halloween party. The organizer is Sixthman, a company specializing in music cruises. Details:

    KISS Destroyer Costumes

    Just in time for Halloween 2011! The NEW KISS Destroyer Costumes are finally available! If you order this week we will throw in FREE shipping on the Ace, Gene, Peter and Paul Destroyer costumes shown here!

    Available at KISS museum HERE.

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    KISS Tattoo

    Photo: Bruce Kulick

    Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick posted a photo of a KISS fan's tattoo on his facebook page. Bruce writes:

    "KISS fans are the most dedicated! Backstage at the Buffalo show on Friday night. Cool!!"

    Ace Frehley VIP Experience Packages Available

    Ace Frehley VIP Experience Packages are available for Ace's show at the DTE in Clarkston, MI this Saturday, August 27, 2011.

    Order Yours Here.

    Beatles KISSed On Bootleg Cover

    Thanks to Ross Halfin, rock photographer extraordinaire, for sharing this cool cover art of a bootleg LP he recently spotted in London.

    Ace Frehley Rocks Montana

     Photos: Johnny Sprague/Ace

    Ace Rocks Montana! Pictured: Todd Youth at soundcheck, Ace center stage, Scot Coogan at soundcheck, Anthony Esposito live.

    Ace Frehley's has added three new tour dates on the East Coast:

    October 25, 2011: New York, NY, B.B. King's
    October 26, 2011: New York, NY, B.B. King's
    October 29, 2011: Farmingdale, NY, Crazy Donkey

    For more information click HERE.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    RUSH Adopts KISS Song Title

    Did you know that popular Canadian rock band RUSH wrote a song in 1975 called "I Think I'm Going Bald" taken from the classic KISS song title "Goin' Blind"?

    In a 2004 interview, Geddy Lee of RUSH explained:

    "We were touring a lot with KISS in those days, and they had a song called 'I think I'm Goin' Blind [just Goin' Blind].' So we were talking the piss out of that title by just coming up with this.

    Pratt (a nickname for Neil Peart) came up with this line, 'I think I'm going bald,' because Alex is always worried about losing his hair, even when he was not losing his hair. So he would try all kinds of ingredients to put on his scalp. And I think it just got Neil thinking about aging, even though we weren't aging yet and had no right to talk about that kind of stuff yet. It would be much more appropriate now. And it just became a kind of funny song, even though the song is not funny, in terms of sentiment, it kind of is, and the music is really goofy. A lot of people mistake us for being deadly serious, but some of our songs are just plain goofy."

    New KISS Album To Be Titled "Monster"

    In a recent interview with licensing - KISS revealed the name of their new forthcoming album. It seems that the new KISS album will be titled "Monster". Here's an excerpt from the story:

    KISS, which just concluded its 2011 "Lost Cities" tour last month, is already working on its 2012-2013 "Monster" world tour which will take the band to numerous countries throughout Europe, South America and Asia. The first new album since 2009's "Sonic Boom," also called "Monster," is scheduled for release in January.
    KISS' "Monster" is scheduled for release in January of 2012. As well as KISSology 4.

    KISSonomics / Tony Lisanti

    If you ever find yourself humming the tune of "Rock and Roll All Night," dressing up as Demon or Starchild at Halloween, or chugging a Destroyer brand beer, then you have experienced the world of KISSmania and taken a peek at what it's like to be a part of the popular KISS Army.

    KISS, the iconic rock band led by its co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, manager Doc McGhee, along with their partnership with Live Nation Merchandise led by industry veteran Dell Furano, have built a multi-million dollar integrated marketing and merchandising brand that rivals many of the successful properties not only in the history of music licensing but across the entirety of brand licensing.

    According to Furano, CEO of Live Nation Merchandise, KISS has generated $500 million in retail sales of licensed merchandise from concerts, online sales and at retail since 1996, making it the largest and best selling rock and roll band.

    This legendary rock group has not only been focused on the creativity of their music and stage show, but it has always been in tune with the business side that has now produced a wide array of licensed products from condoms to coffins, from lighters to lottery tickets and from cars to cruises.

    While so many artists and musicians have been reluctant to aggressively pursue brand extensions and licensing, KISS has embraced it since the very beginning, realizing there was a bona fide business lurking beyond the elaborate stage show they have performed regularly for decades.

    To understand the global success of KISS, one has to understand the philosophy of its two partners Simmons and Stanley who have built a brand licensing juggernaut that its loyal and diverse fan base–now with almost five million fans on Facebook alone–just can't seem to get enough of.

    "KISS was the anti-hero," says Simmons, recalling the band's formative years in New York City clubs in the mid-1970s. KISS was formed in 1973, and its first album "KISS" was released in February 1974. "KISS was tired of seeing groups on stage looking at their shoes and thinking they were doing you a favor by performing, so we decided to give our fans a bang for the buck and higher heels that their mommy ever did. We wanted to make a spectacle on stage and in a very short time KISS became a phenomenon within a year and a half after starting and releasing our first record.

    "I read all the trade publications because I wanted to know how the business worked," recalls Simmons, who grew up in Queens, New York, as the only child of his mother, a German Nazi Concentration Camp survivor. "It was the 'music business' with the word 'business' that is right up there, like show business. It's not just called 'music' or 'licensing.' It is actually called the 'music business' and the 'licensing business,'" he points out.

    Simmons says the KISS Mantra was simple: "There are no rules. We want to blow stuff up, have fireworks on stage, do everything you could imagine, but always stay consistent."

    KISS represents four personas that have become, Simmons proudly says, "four of the most recognized faces around world."

    "When we signed our first record deal with Casablanca 38 years ago, we quickly became their biggest act. But we were critically lambasted because we began doing licensing for toys, games, jeans and jackets and we actually thought it was fun," says Simmons. "We didn't know the rules and we didn't care about the rules."

    In June, Simmons was recognized for his business accomplishments by Forbes, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award as part of "The Entrepreneur Behind the Icon" event, held in Hollywood, Calif.

    Stanley, who also grew up in New York and always wanted to be a rock star (hence the nickname Starchild), looks back on the band, its music and its merchandising business with the same passion and attitude of partner Simmons.

    "In the rock community, people looked down on the merchandise as if selling was a four letter word. Fan clubs and everything about them were frowned upon," recalls Stanley. "I always thought there was no better way for a fan to align themselves and show allegiance to the band than to wear the colors, so to speak, whether it was a t-shirt or a belt buckle. It all started very grass roots. It was fans telling us what they wanted and we gave it to them.

    "We really understand our customer," Stanley adds. "As long there is no quality or ethical issue, we will put our brand on anything. Most of the other bands are boring, but KISS' entertainment and iconic imagery is unbeatable. We have created super heroes with guitars."

    This uncanny blend of music, spectacle and, of course, business acumen from the early days of the band in the mid-1970s (which was atypical during that era) has become the strategic essence of the band and property today.

    "KISS is the only band that has adopted a persona with Starchild, Demon and other characters–along with make up and costumes–which they have had since the beginning, and that has really been the foundation of their merchandising and licensing program," explains Furano, who is a friend, neighbor and business partner of Simmons and Stanley for 20 years. "Gene and Paul have remained accessible to their fans and the momentum of the last three years has been enormous," Furano adds. "The KISS artwork and imagery are so easily translated to merchandise and the merchandising program has almost eclipsed the band."

    Furano adds that Simmons and Stanley understood the real value of cross-promotional marketing and integrated marketing much more than any other band. According to Furano, they studied other iconic licensed properties, in particular Star Wars and how George Lucas and Lucas Licensing strategically built the property over the years.

    "When they approve merchandise, every band thinks about their image and their fans and they all have a role they want their merchandising to play," say Furano. "Many artists want to keep their merchandising a natural extension of their concert tours and don't want to take it beyond that. KISS is just the opposite. Merchandising is an integral part of who they are as a band."

    Longtime manager Doc McGhee, who has been with KISS since 1996, recalls how it was a more simple merchandising strategy back then focused on basic quality products and collectibles and how it was difficult to get major companies to partner with the band. But all that changed very quickly as more and more corporate brands joined forces with KISS. The latest deal with Hello Kitty truly exemplifies the global and consumer popularity of the band.

    "The brand is bigger than the band," says McGhee. "It's not just about the next record, it's about the experience of KISS."

    McGhee admits it has been both a blessing and curse.

    "Some people will say they don't know if they are the best band in world, but they are the best marketers."

    KISS now has its brand and various logos featuring the costumes, make up and nicknames on just about everything imaginable, boasting almost 3,000 SKUs and counting. And there is no end in sight as the brand and the band will likely garner even more publicity and gain new fans worldwide in 2012 and beyond as KISS approaches its 40th anniversary.

    KISS, which just concluded its 2011 "Lost Cities" tour last month, is already working on its 2012-2013 "Monster" world tour which will take the band to numerous countries throughout Europe, South America and Asia. The first new album since 2009's "Sonic Boom," also called "Monster," is scheduled for release in January. The "KISSology IV" DVD is also scheduled for a January release. Furano points out that all new imagery is being developed that will further expand KISS' licensing efforts over the next several years.

    KISS is also developing more extensive global merchandising initiatives with various partners that could be considered unlikely on the one hand, but among the most innovative deals in the licensing industry on the other.

    Consider the breadth and scope of KISS' new licensing initiatives that are in various stages of development:

    KISS and Hello Kitty–KISS recently announced a partnership with another iconic brand, Hello Kitty, which will further expand the merchandising efforts of both properties. Furano says the new partnership, which will bring co-branded merchandise to 250 countries, will be heavily promoted during Brand Licensing Europe, Oct. 18-20, in London, and hit retail in the second half of 2012.

    KISS, Archie Comics and IDW Publishing–The "Archie Meets KISS" four-part series will debut in November, while IDW plans to launch a new KISS comic book series in 2012.

    KISS and Round 2–In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the "Destroyer" album, KISS signed a deal with Round 2 to create model figures of the band's characters as they appeared on the 1976 album cover art.

    KISS and Rubie's–Set to hit retail for this Halloween, Rubie's has created KISS-themed costumes, masks, wigs and accessories for adults and children.

    KISS and Monster Mini Golf–Scheduled to open in November in Las Vegas, the mini indoor glow-in-the-dark golf course will feature animated KISS monster props at each hole, music, themed party rooms and a gift shop.
    KISS and Eternal Image–Following its deal for the KISS coffin, Eternal Image recently announced the KISS cremation urn featuring color images of the band and its flame logo.

    KISS and Graphic Armor–The newest line of KISS Kondoms go beyond the box and wrapper, featuring Simmons' tongue extending the length of the latex condom in the first FDA-approved Picture Condoms. A "Studded Paul" condom featuring Stanley is also being developed.

    KISS and Mini–Four customized KISS Mini Countryman cars, featuring mirror caps autographed by the band, were auctioned in June with part of the proceeds donated to UNICEF. In addition, Mini will sell exclusive vehicle wraps that resemble the actual car designs.

    KISS and Spirit Halloween–Retailer Spirit Halloween will feature an exclusive KISS end cap display this fall promoting the band's Halloween products.

    KISS and Carnival–The first themed KISS Kruise on the Carnival Destiny sets sail in October from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, featuring a KISS show and various other activities.

    KISS and WMS–WMS is creating new KISS branded slot machines.
    KISS and Grab Games–The KISS virtual game is currently being developed.

    In addition to all the licensing programs, Simmons and Stanley have also leveraged various co-branding and promotional partnerships including Dr. Pepper, Cannon, VISA and 7-Eleven, as well as lottery in Sweden and lottery programs currently in five U.S. states.

    According to Simmons, KISS recently signed a deal with The HUB network for a new animated kids show that will further extend the band's audience.

    And then there are various individual interests. For example, Simmons stars in the A&E network's reality show, "Family Jewels," which just completed its sixth season. Stanley is an accomplished artist, who has held numerous art exhibitions and has turned his passion into a thriving business.

    The list of licensing programs and partnerships will only get bigger, according to Furano, identifying categories for expansion that include food and beverage, spirits, sporting goods and fashion apparel for juniors and kids.

    "There are no boundaries for KISS licensing, and there are plans to develop and expand KISS sports line, KISS girls (from stilettos to make up, panties, scarfs and accessories), KISS Pandas and several KISS Kids programs," says Furano.

    "Other bands don't want merchandising to overshadow its music, but with KISS it's an integral part and the heart of what's different," Furano adds.

    With a new album, new world tour and a plethora of new licensed products and partnerships, the iconic KISS brand will continue to rock on over the next several years as it approaches its 40th anniversary and reinforces its position as one of hottest and most influential entertainment properties in global licensing.

    Read the original story HERE.

    Eric Singer On 'Red Eye Radio' Tonight 

    Eric Singer will appear on Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio tonight at 10PM PT / 1AM ET. Red Eye Radio is a nationally syndicated radio show that covers just about any topic - music, politics, history, and sports.

    Tonight's show will be hosted from 790 KABC in Los Angeles by talk radio icon Marc Germain.

    1 (866) 90-REDEYE – 1 (866) 907-3339

    The show is currently aired by WABC in New York City , 790 KABC in Los Angeles, 680 WRKO in Boston , MA, 700 KSEV Houston, TX, 98.9 KXBT Austin, TX, 850 WFTL, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach, FL, 1220/106.9 WSRQ, Sarasota, FL, 1200 WINK Ft. Meyers, FL, 1310/95.5 WLOB Portland, ME, 970 KCMB in Portland, OR, 100.5 WAPI Birmingham, Al, 105.9 WXTL Syracuse, NY, 99.7 WNTK New London, NH, 94.3 WTRW Scranton, PA, 99.1 KSMD Searcy, AR, 950 KXJK Forrest City, AR, 1240 WATN Watertown, NY, 1420 WLIS Old Saybrook, CT, 1150 WMRD Middletown, CT, 1400 WILI Wilimantic, CT, 106.7 WSRT Traverse City, MI, 105.5 WSRJ Traverse City, MI, 940 KYNO Fresno, CA, 106.7 KNKI , Show Lo, AZ, 1450 WBMW Wahpeton, ND, 960 WSBT South Bend, IN, 1300 WGDJ Albany, NY, 1240 WRTA Altoona, PA, 1300 WLSC Charlotte, NC/Kershaw, SC, 910 WAVL Apollo, PA, 1010/94.9 KIND Independence, KS and Cable Radio Network.

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Paul Stanley: Girls Are God’s Revenge!

  / Kiran Hefa  

    For KISS lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley, the arrival of his second daughter Emily Grace seemed a fitting moment.

    “I always say I’ve learned that girls are God’s revenge,” he jokes to PEOPLE. “It’s payback for my past.”

    Born on Aug. 9, Emily joins big siblings Sarah Brianna, 2½, and Colin Michael, 4½ – Stanley’s two children with wife Erin, an attorney – and 17-year-old Evan Shane, the rocker’s son from a previous relationship.

    “Honestly, it’s just the greatest gift,” he says of adding another little girl to the family.

    “There’s a relationship and a bond between dads and daughters that only a dad can understand. It’s very unique. To have my last two children be girls is pretty spectacular.”

    Emily’s birth has also served to bring the family closer together than ever before.

    “My house is really what most people would wish for and dream of,” Stanley, 59, says. “I have the greatest kids, an amazing wife. My 4-year-old was holding Emily like a 40-year-old would. Before we went to the hospital, he dressed up in his best clothes on his own and went there and had her in his lap. It’s really something very profound because you get to see that children really are a reflection of their parents. If you spend the time and the effort, you get something great for it.”

    When it comes to the couple’s classic naming style, Stanley jokes, “I guess we’re not cool enough for names like Peach or Astro Girl.”

    “We were a little more traditional and stick with names our children hopefully won’t regret when they grow up,” he explains. “Your kids aren’t objects for amusement, so why would you give them a name that would subject them to possible ridicule at school? Kids can be pretty tough on each other, and who wants to put a child named Spaghetti through school?”

    Having just wrapped the North American leg of KISS‘s most recent tour, Stanley is looking forward to spending time at home, though he emphasizes that family has always taken precedence over career commitments.

    “There’s really no struggle,” he says. “Last year, everybody toured Europe with me. There’s nothing like coming off stage to 100,000 people and having your little ones in pajamas say good night to you. It can be done.”

    But for the time being, he is happily basking in the glow of being a new dad.

    “I couldn’t write a better story if I tried,” Stanley says. “This has all turned out better than I could have anticipated. My life is blessed but I’ve worked hard for those blessings.”

    Photo: John M. Heller/Getty Images · · Share · Delete

    KISS Destroyer Models

    Here are the new KISS Destroyer Models from Polar Lights. The models are now available at retails stores and websites.


    They are one of the most iconic rock & roll bands of all time – KISS. The four member band have been pioneers of rock drawing huge crowds to their sold out stadium shows for decades. This lineup of kits is based on the artwork from their first certified platinum album, Destroyer. Each figure stands atop its own rocky base that joins with the others in the line. This easy to assemble kit comes pre-painted to allow even novice modelers to create a quality look. (glue not included) The kits are approximately 1/10 scale and measure 11” tall when assembled.

    * Scale: 1/10
    * Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
    * Glue assembly
    * 11" tall
    o Pre-painted Parts
    o Easy to assemble
    o Bonus Poster
    o Collect all four to assemble the Destroyer album art

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    70's KISS Merchandise Sale

    We just got a hold of a GREAT old KISS Collection with items all being from the 1970's. Not just your typical vintage Aucoin toys from the era, but very rare, odd, one-off promo and VIP items. Do check it out, there are some amazing items still available!

    See the collection HERE.

    Mini-Gene Simmons Passes Away

    KISSonline has reported that Joey Fatale of the band Mini-KISS passed away on August 7th. He was 47.

    Joey played the role of Mini-Gene Simmons in Mini-KISS.  You have seen Joey in the KISS-Dr. Pepper Cherry commercials that aired last year.

    Rest in Peace, Joey.

    Ace Frehley At The London School Of Guitar Summer Camp

    Here's a photo of former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley as the special guest at the London School of Guitar Summer Guitar Camp in Park City, UT on August 11th, 2011.

    SIMMONS: Imported American Pride

    By Gene Simmons /

    Immigrants treasure what native-born take for granted.

    A word of warning to all you jaded, politically correct readers out there: This op-ed piece is not for you. Go read the New York Times.

    This piece is written by a grateful immigrant. A legal one, but an immigrant nonetheless.

    I was born in Haifa, Israel.

    I emigrated to America with my mother, Florence, when I was a child. My mother was a survivor of the Nazi Germany concentration camps of World War II. She was in the camps when she was 14 years old.

    If it weren’t for America and the brave sacrifices of its military, my mother and millions of others would have perished.

    After the war, my mother found her way to Israel.

    Life was hard, but in Israel - finally - there was a place where people didn’t try to kill you just because of your religious persuasion. You could breathe fresh, free air and not be afraid to say “I’m a Jew.”

    When I was 8 1/2 years old, my mother took me by the hand, and we emigrated to America. The land of the free. The home of the brave. The land of hopes and dreams.

    When we landed in New York, I was simply awed by the majesty that is America. The skyscrapers. Television. Streets full of cars. It was too much to take in all at once.

    I soon became an unabashed, unapologetic, dyed-in-the-wool American who believes in standing at attention when the Stars and Strips flies at full mast. To this day, I proudly say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the national anthem. And I am ashamed when some natural-born citizens of America don’t.

    That last phrase makes some native-born Americans uneasy. Being patriotic has become politically incorrect. I refuse to succumb to a numb apathy that seems to pervade some elements of the media and pop culture.

    Read more HERE.

    Whitesnake Guitarist Talks About Auditioning For KISS / Jeffrey Ougler

    Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich was recently interviewed by 'The Sault Star' newspaper. In the interview, Doug talks about auditioning for KISS. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

    Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich has shared the stage with 2 legendary rock vocalists, and might have wound up getting Kissed.

    Fear of flubbing a guitar lick didn't have Doug Aldrich shaking all over.

    It was more like meeting Kiss for the first time sans makeup that was enough to give the fledgling guitarist wrinkles.

    In 1982, the 18-year-old had just moved to L.A. and the famous band just happened to be holding auditions to replace original axeman Ace Frehley, whose relationship with fellow band members had peeled and cracked noticeably for some time.

    "Half of the intimidation thing for Kiss was that nobody had seen their faces at that time," Aldrich said.
    True enough.

    In those days, it was a treat to catch a peek of a portion of Gene Simmons's mostly shielded unpainted face when photographers would snap the band's bassist arm-in-arm with one of his steadies at the time, such as Cher or Diana Ross.

    "I didn't know what these guys looked like, and here I was going down to the recording studio to meet them," Aldrich said.

    "There was that whole thing going on in my head. 'Wow, this is just bizarre.' "

    Aldrich, "more of a Zeppelin guy," came well prepared nonetheless, able to unleash a very healthy solo for Calling Dr. Love and any number of other Kiss standards.

    "Gene is sitting there with no makeup on telling me, 'Try a solo on this song, or whatever.' "

    Aldrich tried, but it was Vinnie Vincent who got the gig.

    There were no hard feeling, and Aldrich and Simmons remain buddies to this day.

    "I was too young, too immature for a gig like that at the time," he added.

    "What it did was really wake me up to, 'OK, I have potential. Obviously I have something going on or those guys wouldn't have noticed.'

    "It got me serious about being better as a musician. It has never been about, for me, getting girls or trying to be famous. It's about trying to be a good musician. I'm still trying."

    With that attitude, it's no wonder Aldrich landed firmly on his feet, going on to back arguably some of the finest vocalists known to rock and metal, including the late Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale, for whose band, Whitesnake, he now serves.

    Read more HERE.

    Eddie Trunk Not A Fan Of Current KISS Lineup

    Oregon Music News recently sat down with radio personality/TV host Eddie Trunk to discuss his new book titled "Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal". KISS was brought up during the interview. These days it seems that life-long KISS fan Eddie Trunk is not a fan of the current KISS line-up, referring to KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer as "replacement" members of the band. Here are a few excerpts from the interview: 

    Q: Eddie, what’s your take on bands bringing in replacement players? Mick Jones has done a wonderful job revamping Foreigner, Vinnie Moore has stepped in and done a great job in UFO, then there’s the KISS situation; where you have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer playing the Ace Frehley and Peter Criss roles? They are great musicians no question, even better than the original guys, but it’s strange.

    Eddie: You’re dealing with very different circumstances with the KISS thing than the other scenarios. In the other examples you’re dealing with a situation where the other guys aren’t in the band and replacement guys are brought in to do what they do in the band. In the case of KISS they brought in replacement guys who do what others have done in the band; in the terms of how they act, behave, and play in the band. That, to me as a long-time KISS fan, bothers me– it was a line that was crossed. I don’t go to the shows anymore and I’m not a fan of what they have done. It’s deception to an extent and it tarnishes the legacy of what Ace and Peter did in the band. I have no issues with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer — they are great musicians, they should be in the band — I just have a problem with them not being their own people. I love all eras of KISS with or without the make-up; I’m just not a fan of the impersonation.

    Q: If Gene and Paul took the paint off they wouldn’t be an arena band anymore. As much I loved what they did on the Revenge album, they won’t settle for less than an arena and this is what it’s come down to.

    Eddie: What KISS have done, and I think they’ll say this too, they’ve created a brand and an image. I never felt that way. I love KISS because of the records and the people who made the records. In a previous interview I said this and there has been further discussion about it — the band themselves have said it. There will come a day when they will attempt to market a version of KISS where there are no original members. I imagine Gene and Paul will do some stuff behind the scenes because they can’t do it forever. We’ve already seen the various aliments that Paul and Gene have. These guys do a high energy show and they are in their sixties now; they’re not going to do it forever. I don’t put it past them that they’ll try to continue in some way. I’ve checked out after two — I certainly won’t be interested with four impersonators. There will be people that will buy it. I think the reason KISS can do this is because there are many casual KISS fans; they know fire, bombs, make-up, big stage show, and “Rock and Roll All Nite.” Those casual fans aren’t as passionate and as attached as the rest of us are. For those that just want to know about the aura, identity, and show of KISS it doesn’t matter who is behind the make-up. All they want to see is someone who breathes fire, tons of lights, confetti, and this anthem that they’ve heard on the radio. For them that’s enough and they go home happy. The people that truly love KISS and that can name all the songs on the records, what’s going on with the band is hard to swallow. I’m certainly in the latter category.

    Read more HERE.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Behind Eric Singer's Drum Kit

    Here's a great photo taken from behind Eric Singer's drum kit during the 2011 summer KISS tour. This area is also known as the "litter box".

    Thanks to Eric Singer's drum tech - and our friend Paul Bassett for this photo.

    The Eternal Spirit Of Rock

    Kai Ma / Time Magazine

    "I'll fight hell to hold you" ... in this urn.

    Can you imagine your grieving relatives carrying this thing?

    The band KISS is rocking the funeral industry with a new release that has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with remaining a “fan for life.” This cremation urn is now available for die-hard fans to store their ashes in, which means your surviving family members, most likely younger relatives who have no idea who these guys are, will be forced to place it on their fireplace mantel for decades to come.

    Manufactured by Eternal Image, the officially licensed KISS urn is the latest piece of branded merchandise by the band known largely for its face-painted antics and vocalist Gene Simmons's perpetually wagging tongue. Almost 40 years ago, Simmons (“The Demon”) and Paul Stanley (“The Starchild”) co-founded KISS, the blood-spitting, fire-breathing band that has sold more than 100 million albums since its 1970s hell-raising heyday.

    Eternal Image's Donna Shatter calls the “Monument model” urn a product that offers fans “a unique expression of their passion” for the legendary rock stars. The eight inch tall urn, which features a black metallic finish and an image of the band standing over the group's iconic logo and a row of flames, will sell for $650.

    Three different KISS-themed urns will launch later this year. And if cremation isn't your thing, don't fret. KISS-themed coffins are also available.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Gene Simmons Says New KISS Album Feels Heavier Than Sonic Boom

    Classic Rock magazine recently interviewed  Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Gene mentions in the interview that the new forthcoming KISS album is heavier then their 2009 release "Sonic Boom". Gene states:

    "This new record feels heavier than Sonic Boom. It feels like there's a connection between Destroyer and Revenge."

    Paul Stanley adds:  

    "Sonic Boom" was a pivotal album in the sense that we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we are as a recording band. That being done, this is much easier and that much more self-assured."

    When asked "How are KISS fans going to react to the new album?" Paul Stanley answers:

    "They'll be blown away. Sometimes, I'm sure the band has been excited about something then listened back and thought "What the hell were we thinking'? That's not the case here. If anybody was moved by Sonic Boom, this is that on steroids."

    New song titles for the new 'yet-to-be-titled' KISS album are "Hell Or Hallelujah", "Born To Be A Sinner", "Out Of This World" (Tommy Thayer's song), "Are You Ready?", and "Wall Of Sound".

    KISS Interview In Classic Rock Magazine - Story by Dave Everley

     KISS are interviewed in the upcoming edition of Classic Rock Magazine. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

    "It's Sonic Boom on steroids!" Exclusive! Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on KISS's new studio album.

    How far into the album are you?

    Paul Stanley: We've recorded eight tracks. Everything's on except the vocals. There'll be 10 on the album, with a couple of tracks as bonuses for different projects.

    How does it build on Sonic Boom?

    PS: Sonic Boom was a pivotal album in the sense that we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we are as a recording band. That being done, this is much easier and that much more self-assured.

    Gene Simmons: This new record feels heavier than Sonic Boom. It feels like there's a connection between Destroyer and Revenge.

    Care to throw us a few song titles?

    PS: I'd be surprised if the album didn't start with "Hell or Hallelujah." It's up-tempo, a great riff, definitive KISS. There's a track called "Born to be a Sinner," and Tommy has a song called "Out of This World" which is terrific. They're anthemic soncs. That's the nature of how we write. There are no ballads.

    GS: "Are You Ready?" is a new track that I worked out, wrote, and brought everyone into the studio and said: "Let's bang this out." Another of the new songs, tentatively titled "Wall of Sound," we just came up with on the spot. The guts of that song were written in 40 minutes.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Vinnie Vincent Official Website Coming Soon

    Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent is launching an official website this month. Vinnie writes:

    "Shooting for a premier date of August 25, 2011 for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT WEBSITE. Stay tuned here for details. Annual Membership fees for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT FORUM will be set at $500.00. Details will follow shortly."

    New KISS Album Info

    There is an interview with Gene and Paul in the new issue of "Classic Rock" magazine. Paul mentioned, that the album will feature 10 tracks.

    They will record more songs, which will be used as Bonus Tracks for various projects.

    Song titles include: Hell or hallelujah, Born to be a sinner, Out of this world (Tommy's song), Are you ready and Wall of sound.

    There will also be a book coming out to coincide with the album.

    And Gene's Solo Box Set "Alter Ego" will be out sometime when the band makes a break.

    Jackson Concert Promoters Remove KISS From Lineup

     The Associated Press/ Richard Drew / AP Photo

    The organizers of a Michael Jackson tribute concert have rescinded an offer to have KISS perform at the troubled show planned in Wales later this year.
    Global Live Events announced Tuesday the band would no longer perform after fans, media and the singer's estate noted bassist Gene Simmons has said in recent years that he was convinced Jackson molested children.

    Jackson was acquitted of molestation charges after a 2005 trial in California.

    It is the latest stumble for a show that is endorsed by Jackson's mother and several siblings but is opposed by brothers Jermaine and Randy. Fans have protested ticket prices, the lineup and the show's location since the show was announced last month.

    KISS' departure leaves Smokey Robinson, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green as the show's superstars.

    KISSology 4 Full Scheduled Content


    Kiss has received the following info for scheduled release footage on Kissokogy 4:


    DETROIT, MI 5/16/1975

    HOUSTON, TX 8/13/1976
    Detroit Rock City
    King Of The Night Time World
    Let Me Go, Rock ’n Roll
    Hotter Than Hell
    Shout It Out Loud
    Cold Gin
    Nothin’ To Lose
    Do You Love Me?
    God Of Thunder
    Rock And Roll All Nite
    Black Diamond

    DETROIT, MI 1/29/1977
    Detroit Rock City
    Take Me
    Let Me Go, Rock ’n Roll
    Ladies Room
    Makin’ Love
    I Want You
    Cold Gin
    Nothin’ To Lose
    God Of Thunder
    Rock And Roll All Nite
    Black Diamond

    I Was Made For Lovin’ You
    Sure Know Something




    unreleased promo clip

    MADRID, SPAIN 11/27/1983
    Detroit Rock City
    I Love It Loud
    Lick It Up

    DETROIT, MI 12/8/1984
    Detroit Rock City
    Cold Gin
    Creatures Of The Night
    Fits Like A Glove
    Heaven’s On Fire
    Thrills In The Night
    Under The Gun
    War Machine
    Young And Wasted
    I Love It Loud
    I Still Love You
    Love Gun
    Lick It Up
    Black Diamond
    Rock And Roll All Nite

    HOUSTON, TX 12/7/1985
    Asylum Tour Documentary

    Crazy Crazy Nights
    Reason To Live
    Turn On The Night

    PLEASURE ISLAND, FL 12/31/1993
    Detroit Rock City
    Rock And Roll All Nite



    Psycho Circus (3D)

    TOKYO, JAPAN 3/13/2001
    Detroit Rock City
    Shout It Out Loud
    Talk To Me
    Heaven’s On Fire
    Psycho Circus
    Black Diamond
    I Was Made For Lovin’You
    Rock And Roll All Nite

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT 2/24/2002
    Rock And Roll All Nite

    C’mon And Love Me
    Makin’ Love
    Love Her All I Can
    All The Way
    War Machine
    Rock And Roll All Nite

    LAS VEGAS, NV 5/25/2006
    Detroit Rock City
    Love Gun

    SHIZUOKA, JAPAN 7/23/2006
    Detroit Rock City
    King Of The Night Time World
    Christine Sixteen
    God Of Thunder
    Do You Love Me?
    Shout It Out Loud
    Black Diamond


    Modern Day Delilah

    DETROIT, MI 9/25/2009
    Got To Choose
    Hotter Than Hell
    Nothin’ To Lose
    C’mon & Love Me
    Watching You
    100.000 Years
    Cold Gin
    Let Me Go, Rock ‘n Roll
    Black Diamond
    Rock And Roll All Nite
    Shout It Out Loud
    I Love It Loud
    Love Gun
    Detroit Rock City

    ERFURT, GERMANY 2/27/2010
    Say Yeah/I Was Made For Lovin’ You Medley

    NURNBURG, GERMANY 6/3/2010
    Modern Day Delilah
    Crazy Crazy Nights
    I’m An Animal
    God Gave Rock And Roll To You II

    WALKER, MN 7/15/2011
    Modern Day Delilah
    Calling Dr. Love
    Shock Me
    God Of Thunder
    Black Diamond



    Exclusive bonusdiscs: Anaheim Stadium 1976 (65 minutes) Tokyo 1995 (50 minutes) Buenos Aires 1998 (80 minutes)