Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rock Star Plays Hard On Stage And On Golf Course

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer is also an avid golfer.

Click here to view a news piece on Tommy Thayer and golf.

KISS To Play Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland In July

Tara Bradbury / The Telegram

A source close to KISS has confirmed the rock band will perform in Grand Falls-Windsor this summer. KISS is expected to perform July 9.

When contacted by The Telegram, officials with the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor would neither confirm nor deny the legendary rockers will be performing. However, rumours to that effect have been circulating around the town for a couple of weeks

It is expected the town will make the announcement at the Herder game Saturday night.

It’s also rumoured that lead singer Gene Simmons, his partner Whitbourne native Shannon Tweed, and their two children will be filming episodes of their reality show “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” while in the province. Tweed has previously said she hasn’t been back to Newfoundland in more than 20 years, and the children, Nick and Sophie, have never been to the province.

The family is currently in Israel, filming for the show in Simmons’ hometown.

KISS has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, and saw the height of their fame in the late 1970s, with songs like “Rock and Roll All Nite” and “Beth.” Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley are the only original KISS members remaining in the band, which also features drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer.

Simmons continues to make a career from business deals using the band’s logo on everything from toothbrushes to snowboards, and is a frequent guest speaker at marketing and branding conferences.

Canadian Press file photo

3 Year Old KISS Fan From Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Photo: André Monetti

Here's a photo of a 3 Year Old KISS fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The KISS Army is all ages.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ace Frehley Stops By The New York Gibson Showroom

Ace Frehley stopped by the New York Gibson Showroom over the weekend. Here’s a rare shot of Ace with an SG!

Shannon Tweed Tweets To KISSopolis From Israel


It was really nice of Shannon Tweed to reach out and tweet us a "HI" all the way from Israel this morning. Thank you Shannon for all the stories and photos while on your trip! We love it!

Shannon, Gene, Nick, and the entire "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" TV crew are on location in Gene's homeland of Israel, filming future episodes of their smash hit A&E television show.

Follow Shannon on Twitter HERE.

See all the photos from the "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" trip to Israel

Eric Singer: "KISS Starts Recording New Album On April 4th"


KISS drummer Eric Singer answers some very interesting fan questions during ESP's sound check at Nosturi, Finland on March 27, 2011.

Eric says KISS will start recording their forthcoming album starting this coming Monday, April 4th, 2011. The engineer for the new KISS album was apparently busy with the reggae-pop band "No Doubt", so KISS had to reschedule their studio time.

Eric also points out that the new yet-to-be untitled forthcoming KISS album will be produced by the band's front man Paul Stanley and co-produced by Greg Collins who also worked on KISS' "Sonic Boom".

ESP are in Europe for a stint of tour dates.
  • 03/26/2011 - Honefoss-Oslo, Norway at Alfred
  • 03/27/2011 - Helsinki, Finland at Nosturi
  • 03/30/2011 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland at Z7
  • 03/31/2011 - Prague, Czeck Republic at Exit Chmelnice
  • 04/01/2011 - Zlin, Czeck Republic at Master of Rock Cafe
  • 04/02/2011 - Tefls, Austria at Rathaussaal Tefls

Gene Simmons: Life Insurance Salesman

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Would you buy life insurance from a man who dresses in spandex and coughs up blood?

Gene Simmons has embraced many personas over the years: The demonic, fire-breathing bass player for legendary rockers KISS. A rabid merchandiser who oversees an empire built on his band's merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to designer coffins. The star of a reality series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, gearing up for its seventh season on the A&E network.

Gene Simmons, life insurance salesman.

His latest venture is helping sell life insurance to high-net-worth individuals.

Simmons spoke to TheStreet recently as he packed for a trip to Israel being filmed for his TV show. It is the first time he has returned to his homeland since -- as a young man named Chaim Witz, the son of an Auschwitz death camp survivor -- his family migrated to Queens, N.Y., in search of a better life.
The night before the trip to Israel, KISS played their usual set of hits, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun and Stutter among them, at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Once upon a time, backstage post-concert might have been a bacchanalia; that night it was a client meeting.

Simmons was schmoozing for Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy, a Franklin, Tenn.-based firm he helped found a year ago. The firm specializes in providing life insurance for the rich in, it claims, a very financially advantaged way.

Focusing on those with assets of $20 million or more, Cool Springs facilitates loans that allow clients to procure high-value life insurance policies with little or no money upfront. The loan, which covers premiums, can be paid incrementally or settled from the ultimate payout. The firm says this approach helps minimizes estate taxes.

Some in the industry cast a skeptical, if not critical, eye on the concept of premium financing, which other firms and insurance companies have offered over the years. Cool Springs says its strategy will succeed because the cost of borrowing and commissions are low for their affluent clients. The interest rate is flat, based upon the London Interbank Offered Rate. Clients have the option to fix the interest rate for a term ranging from one to 30 years or allow it to fluctuate as frequently as every week.

Gene Simmons Saved Ace Frehley from Drowning

Sean Patrick Doole/

Bass player, singer-songwriter, fire-breather, blood-spewer, entrepreneur… you can now add certified lifeguard to the many titles held by the inimitable Gene Simmons of KISS. In a recent interview with Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson on VH1’s That Metal Show, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley told the story of how Gene saved him from drowning in a hotel pool.

“I didn’t know Gene was a lifeguard,” Frehley said. “I actually drowned one day at a Holiday Inn. [laughs] I’m serious … this was in the ’70s. I actually drowned. Everyone else was [expletive] up, I was [expletive] up obviously, but everyone else was loaded, and I went under… the next thing you know, I’m drowning. Gene pulls me out of the pool and pumps the water out of me.”

The Space Ace went on to say, “Only later I found out that he was a certified lifeguard when he used to go to college.” No word on whether the heroic Demon’s mammoth mouth muscle assisted in the rescue.

Gene With His Brother And Sisters In Israel

Photo: Shannon Tweed

Here's a photo of Gene with his brother and sisters in Israel this week.

Eric Singer Project Interviewed In Finland

U.S. Embassy Press Officer David McGuire meets with the members of Eric Singer Project at Nosturi, Finland on March 27, 2011.

The Eric Singer Project is made up of Bruce Kulick (KISS, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), Eric Singer (KISS, ALICE COOPER), John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE, RATT) and Chuck Garric (ALICE COOPER, DIO).

Here are ESP's tour dates:

  • 03/26/2011 - Honefoss-Oslo, Norway at Alfred
  • 03/27/2011 - Helsinki, Finland at Nosturi
  • 03/30/2011 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland at Z7
  • 03/31/2011 - Prague, Czeck Republic at Exit Chmelnice
  • 04/01/2011 - Zlin, Czeck Republic at Master of Rock Cafe
  • 04/02/2011 - Tefls, Austria at Rathaussaal Tefls

Command Performance: KISS Preview

SGT John Mann went to interview KISS for Command Performance. They invited him on stage.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ace Frehley On "That Metal Show"

Ace Frehley was featured on episode of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" this past Saturday night. Here is the video. (Must live in the US to view this video.)

Gene Simmons Blows Fire In Hollywood, Florida


Gene Simmons blows fire in Hollywood, Florida on March 17, 2011.

Gene's Old House In Israel

 Photo: Shannon Tweed

While filming new episodes of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", Gene Simmons found his old house in Haifa where he grew up during his visit to Israel.

And here is a photo of the hospital that Gene was born in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gene Simmons Speaks On His Family Reunion In Israel

 KISSopolis/Gene Simmons Twitter

Gene Simmons took to his Twitter account today to tweet about his recent family reunion with his brother and sister's during his trip home to Israel. Gene writes about meeting family members for the first time:

"In Israel, land of my birth. Very inspiring. Bethlehem. Nazareth. Galilee, Jerusalem. Home to the religions - Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Never knew I had a brother and three sisters. Kobi, Sharon, Eugenia and Drora. We met. We reconnected. We loved each other. My father left when I was 7. Was married 6x. No one knows where he was born, or how many children he had. He's always been a mystery to me."

Gene and his family are in Israel this week shooting upcoming episodes of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".

"Cold Gin" live in Hollywood, Florida

KISS performs "Cold Gin" live in Hollywood Florida, 3/17/11.

Eddie Trunk And Ace Frehley Talk About Eric Carr

Eddie Trunk talks about Eric Carr and the book 'The Eric Carr Story,' as his "pick of the week" on 'That Metal Show' (originally aired 3/26/11), with special guest Ace Frehley.

PodKISSt #42: Under the Rose!

When you think of KISS, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is a big oak table in a dimply-lit room, right? Isn’t it? OK, not so much. But for many members of the KISS Army, the subdued imagery of 1981 represent a departure from the classic KISS recipe in which there are as many treasures as there are missteps. For three decades, “Music From the Elder” has generated lively debate within the fan base, so it’s no surprise that it yielded hours of discussion here at PodKISSt. In this 2-part installment we’re joined once again by writer Joe Casey (Dark Horse’s KISS comics, Ben 10, Generator Rex) and KISStorian Julian Gill (author of many KISS books and host of KISSfaq) for an in-depth look at this intriguing record. So take the oath and set out an odyssey back to 1981 with PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!

Listen HERE.

Today In KISStory - 1974

Today In KISStory - 1974: The single 'Nothin to Lose' is released in the US. The B-side is 'Love Theme from KISS'.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photo: Gene And His Niece In Israel

 Photo: Shannon Tweed

Shannon Tweed has posted a photo of Gene and his niece in Israel. The entire Simmons-Tweed family are in Israel filming upcoming episodes for their hit A&E TV show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".

Shannon tweets: "Gene's niece, doesn't she look like Sophie?!!!".

"Modern Day Delilah" In Hollywood, FL

KISS performs "Modern Day Delilah" in Hollywood, FL on 3/17/11.

The Pentagon Channel To Feature KISS

During their show at The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, KISS took a moment to honor our brave servicemen and women by inviting Sgt. John Mann from the United States Army on stage. Sgt. Mann was in the audience with David Silverstein from The Pentagon Channel, who were shooting a special segment on KISS to broadcast to troops worldwide.

ESP Rehearsing For European Tour


Bruce Kulick has posted a photo ESP rehearsing for their European tour dates. The Eric Singer Project is made up of Bruce Kulick (KISS, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), Eric Singer (KISS, ALICE COOPER), John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE, RATT) and Chuck Garric (ALICE COOPER, DIO).

Here are ESP's tour dates:

  • 03/26/2011 - Honefoss-Oslo, Norway at Alfred
  • 03/27/2011 - Helsinki, Finland at Nosturi
  • 03/30/2011 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland at Z7
  • 03/31/2011 - Prague, Czeck Republic at Exit Chmelnice
  • 04/01/2011 - Zlin, Czeck Republic at Master of Rock Cafe
  • 04/02/2011 - Tefls, Austria at Rathaussaal Tefls

Gene's Family Reunion In Israel

KISSopolis/Photos: Shannon Tweed

Gene, Shannon, Nick, and the entire "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" crew are in Israel filming upcoming episodes of the show. Shannon posted on her Twitter account that Gene has 3 sister and a brother named Kobi. Here are a few pictures of Gene's brother Kobi, and his three sister and family.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eric Carr's "Rockheads" Hits The Streets

Eric Carr's "Rockheads" special package offer is limited to 400 pieces and available for pre-order.

THIS RARE Limited Edition package will include a piece of rock and roll history - a souvenir 1" x 1" piece of the original bass drum skin from the "Crazy Nights" tour cradled in a high-quality collectable card and numbered in a series from 1 to 400. Authenticated by The Carr Family.

In 1987, Eric Carr was ready to bring his beloved "Rockheads" to the fans. But his untimely death on November 24th of 1991 put the "Rockheads" on hold. Twenty years later The Carr Family and publisher Dyna Meecho continue Eric's dream. This beautifully reproduced print of one of Eric's rarely seen hand-drawn illustrations is part of this one-time offer.

The 80's would change Rock History for ever. Part of the team that would propel Kiss through that time were Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick. Each cover of your "Limited Collector's Edition" will be autographed in metalic gold pen by Bruce Kulick.

For more information click HERE.

Gene Simmons Was Near Deadly Blast in Jerusalem, Still Wants Kiss to Tour Israel
Although he's not making a big deal about it, Kiss bassist, celebrity entrepreneur and reality show star Gene Simmons was just two miles from a deadly blast in Jerusalem that killed a British tourist earlier this week.

Today In KISStory - 2006


Today In KISStory - 2006: Gene Simmons, the Honorary Starter for the Toyota Indy 300, waves the green flag to start the IRLs first race of the season, in Miami, FL.

Ace Frehley On "That Metal Show" Tonight


Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will be a guest on VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' tonight (March 26th) at 11 PM ET/PT.

Ace will talk about his new book and shocks the boys with his latest Bahamian stage trick.

KISS Bassist Undeterred By Jerusalem Bombing Federman

The legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons says that watching Jerusalem go through a deadly bombing this week has not changed his belief that Jews and Arabs can live in peace.

The Israeli-born entertainer, on his first visit to his homeland since leaving as a child 52 years ago, said he was visiting Yad Vashem, the country's national Holocaust memorial, at the time of Wednesday's blast. The memorial is about two miles away from the site.

Simmons said the attack, which killed a female British tourist, was the work of extremists who can't cope with the move toward freedom and democracy sweeping through the Arab world. "We can't give these losers headlines," he told The Associated Press on Friday.

"There's one thing that unites Israelis, Arabs and all humanity. We all strive to be free," he said. "There's a new generation of Arabs who are doing astonishing things. ... We have to take a moment to honor Arabs for having the courage to stand up."

Simmons said that he has already begun arrangements for multiple KISS concerts in Israel, and that the band would also love to perform in the Arab world as well. But he said the band, known for its makeup, flamboyant outfits and pyrotechnics, would steer clear of politics when they perform.
"It's the greatest show on earth," he said.

Simmons is in Israel with his longtime girlfriend, actress Shannon Tweed, filming material for his reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." He said he's toured Jerusalem holy sites, ridden a camel and enjoyed watching Tweed, a statuesque former Playboy Playmate, float in the Dead Sea.

"That rocks," he said.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dogs Are KISS Fans Too


KISS pets rule! Thanks to Cynthia Lee Godwin-Delisle for sending us these photos of her dog decked out in a KISS dog shirt.

KISS dog shirts are available at Petsmart.

Photo: Gene And Nick On A Camel

Photo: Shannon Tweed

Here's something you don't see everyday. Gene Simmons and his son Nick on a camel in Israel.  

The entire cast and crew and "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" are in Israel shooting upcoming episodes of their popular TV show.

The Return Of The NJ/NY KISS Expo

The website for the up-coming New Jersey-New York KISS Expo 2011 is up and running. All the current available info is listed and will be updated as info about ticket sales and special guests becomes available.

Again - new management, new centralized location and some great new ideas! It's truly exciting to have this premier KISS event returning to the New York / New Jersey area after a long three year wait! Still in the early stages of production, we can't wait to see what is in store for this event! Check out the website below: info.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paul Stanley To Appear On ABC's "On The Red Carpet"

Paul Stanley will be interviewed today by ABC's nationally-syndicated program "On the Red Carpet™"

Paul will discuss his highly-successful career as an artist and how he transformed KISS into one of the most iconic bands in the world with Emmy Award-winning host Chris Balish.

ABC's "On The Red Carpet™" is a weekly national entertainment news show that highlights the best of the week in the world of celebrity and style.

Be sure to check your local listings for air times. To learn more, visit

KISS Army Sacramento Pre-Sale Today

A KISS ARMY Members-Only ticket presale for KISS' Sacramento, CA show takes place today at 10. Premium KISS ARMY Members will have access to Members-Only tickets.

Show Info: May 29 - Raley Field, West Sacramento, CA

Pre-Sale Start: Thursday, March 24th, 2011 from 10AM local time
Pre-Sale END: Friday, March 25th, 2011 from 10AM local time

If you are a Premium KISS ARMY Member: LOGIN NOW and visit the tour page to get information to access the presale.

If you are not a current Premium Member of the KISS ARMY and would like to participate in the Members-only Pre-sale: JOIN NOW

KISS Meet & Greet VIP Packages will also be available.

KISS Confirm Summer Shows

"We're doing these shows to honor our promise to play these cities. We said we'd do it, and we are!"

KISS will headline the following festivals:

May 29 - Raley Field in West Sacramento, California
July 15 - Moondance Jam Festival in Walker, Minnesota
July 16 - Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
July 24 - Heavy MTL Festival in Montreal, Canada

KISS To Be Featured At Heavy Metal Film Festival

KISS will be featured in one of the films at the world’s first-ever film festival dedicated to heavy metal music. The festival will take place at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles, California this coming March 31st through April 3rd. KISS and The KISS Army will be discussed in "Faces Of Budokan":

-Faces Of Budokan-

A short film by Mike Cassidy and Tim Sheridan (USA) - In March of 2003, "The Hottest Band in the World," KISS, embarked on a concert tour throughout Japan, stopping for three Crazy Nights at the legendary Budokan Hall in Tokyo. With consecutive sold out shows bringing out over 14,200 Japanese Super-Fans each night, the Psycho Circus was as evident outside of the venue as it was inside. Dressed To Kill, the kabuki-faced fans from all walks of life joined en force to celebrate this much anticipated event. This KISS Army was more like a KISS Family. With lavish costumes and elaborate face make-up, this spectacle was unrivaled by any modern day costume ball. In other words, it's Cold Gin time again! Faces of Budokan puts you front row for the "show" before the show. It's like Heavy Metal Parking Lot with an extra shot of sake and a spicy tuna roll!

Read more HERE.

The First KISS Fanzine 'KISSer' #1 Vol. 1

KISSopolis/KISSer fanzine

Here's a cool KISS collectible! Here are images of the very first KISS fanzine 'KISSer'. "America's 1st and ONLY" KISS Fanzine! Kisser #1 Vol. 1 came out in 1976. Made by two KISS fans - Randy Paul and Greg Kline.

Thanks to our friend Bob Kimball for sending us these images.