Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gene Simmons Says New KISS Album Feels Heavier Than Sonic Boom

Classic Rock magazine recently interviewed  Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Gene mentions in the interview that the new forthcoming KISS album is heavier then their 2009 release "Sonic Boom". Gene states:

"This new record feels heavier than Sonic Boom. It feels like there's a connection between Destroyer and Revenge."

Paul Stanley adds:  

"Sonic Boom" was a pivotal album in the sense that we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we are as a recording band. That being done, this is much easier and that much more self-assured."

When asked "How are KISS fans going to react to the new album?" Paul Stanley answers:

"They'll be blown away. Sometimes, I'm sure the band has been excited about something then listened back and thought "What the hell were we thinking'? That's not the case here. If anybody was moved by Sonic Boom, this is that on steroids."

New song titles for the new 'yet-to-be-titled' KISS album are "Hell Or Hallelujah", "Born To Be A Sinner", "Out Of This World" (Tommy Thayer's song), "Are You Ready?", and "Wall Of Sound".

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