Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walk 'N Rock With KISS

By Deidre Octave/Images by: Marc McLaughlin

Legendary rock band KISS walked onto stage and rocked the crowd Sunday night at Raley Field at a benefit concert for children sponsored by Hope Foundation. As if emerging from Mount Olympus, each of these rock icons entered the stage: Eric Singer, Catman; Tommy Thayer, Spaceman; Gene Simmons, The Demon and Paul Stanley, Starchild.

Opening bands Miles Schon and Big Boss Graffiti set the stage for the magnificent musical journey that was to come. Almost immediately following BBG’s last song, the crowd began chanting, "WE WANT KISS! WE WANT KISS! WE WANT KISS!"

Almost instantaneously after taking the stage, Paul Stanley sang out, "You said you wanted the best band, you got it- KISS!"

They masterfully took their diehard army of rock fans on a musical journey spanning 38 years. From the very first album, starting with “Modern Day Delilah†and culminating with “Let Me Go Rock N Roll,†they performed with the sort of music mastery, pyrotechnics, flames and fireworks that only they could deliver.

The only thing more astounding than their humility, compassion and generosity during meet and greets with fans is their philanthropy. KISS had four MINI Coopers customized to reflect each of their characters and put them up for auction on eBay, all proceeds going to Japan's relief effort.